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Photographer's Request for Critique


Nate Acker gets tubed at Carmel Beach.


LeRoy Pearce , December 09, 2005; 05:10 P.M.

Nicely done .. it must be a challenge just to take such a picture ..

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AJ kadash , December 09, 2005; 05:22 P.M.

Wow, so neat! How do you take a picture like that! Were you in a boat or?????

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Bob Whiteman , December 10, 2005; 02:35 P.M.


Been there at that very beach. Carmel was a favorite spot while living up in that area a number of years ago. Good photo.

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Ren Soriano , December 10, 2005; 04:10 P.M.

Very nicely done. Love how you froze the action. Must have used a really fast shutter speed. Thumbs up!

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Michael Tommerup , June 05, 2008; 10:25 A.M.

WOW How did you take this picture?

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Ken Thalheimer , September 20, 2015; 08:43 A.M.

These pipeline shots always are fascinating

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