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The nude on stage



Matt B. , October 15, 2001; 12:15 P.M.

High contrast, active, interesting...


On the originality scale, I gave you an 9. The stockings and gloves, active posture, high contrast and partially hidden face make this an interesting and original approach to the subject.

I could only give you a 6 for aesthetics, primarily because the background bothers me. If it was completely black, it might be a bit flat, but I think that'd be better than the few indistinct white spots and lines in the photo now. I'd burn in the background more, and especially that white line right in front of her hips - very distracting.

Where was this taken? Doesn't look to be your typical studio shoot.

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Alen Borovicanin , October 15, 2001; 03:09 P.M.


thx for your critique. I agree with you about the white line. But I NEVER photograph in the studio. This one was made during the concert of a rock band. The girl unexpectedly appeard on stage for few minutes. All the photographers under the stage went mad... I admired the girl for her confident walk on the stage. Lots of people finds this photo disturbing or even vulgar and refuse to comment, and that's why it is so interesting to me. I am waiting for more comments.

Paul Norman Dicaire , October 15, 2001; 05:09 P.M.

Hi, Alen. Great candid shot!!! None of my nudes were studio shots either... all location, ie., her home... Since you say you shot this at a rock concert, I'm willing to bet the line in front of her hip is a microphone stand... I have to agree with Matt: The background needs something. I think if, as Matt suggests, you burn in the background, it may reveal a crowd, and that would be an excellent background. Was she part of the show? If so, when does this band play in my city??? If not, this great candid image shows her confidence, and her awareness of her own sexuality (denoted by the fact that she's not wearing just plain stockings) <--- (Don't mean to cross any lines). You read the light well, and your shot really conveys the mood!! Excellent shot!!

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