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Alexander Mandl , December 20, 2005; 07:39 P.M.

great tones, good pose... cheers alex

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Sondra Kicklighter , December 20, 2005; 07:48 P.M.

Good pose, lighting seems to be alittle much on the right side. 5/5

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Milan Krepelka , December 21, 2005; 04:36 A.M.

very good

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Dexter Dee Dee , December 21, 2005; 04:59 A.M.

Very nice. Light is wow. Details are very good. DDD

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Marco Giardini , December 21, 2005; 06:22 A.M.

great picture! Bravo!


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Ken Thalheimer , December 21, 2005; 06:48 A.M.

What can I say, besides very good. I like the toning and the pose itself is classic. It has a retro look like something from the 50s

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Mona Chrome , December 23, 2005; 11:48 A.M.

This photo is extremely well done, in every respect. The lighting is well balanced-no highlights burning out or blocking up and very nice modeling with shadow. The models styling and make up is flawless. What I really like about this is just it's simplicity. Nothing forced, nothing added, just what was there-if you did anything in post, it has been done seemlessly. In the portfolio, this one is just so strong that maybe only one or two others might challenge it's dominance there.

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edmundo cortes , December 23, 2005; 12:08 P.M.

Very nice

Very nice shot.Ligthing and model?s expression.

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Philippe Carly , January 03, 2006; 08:39 A.M.

Nice DOF.

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