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Theatral Creation 02

What do you think???? Thank YOU :D Biliana


Gerry Bridge , March 06, 2006; 08:24 P.M.

This is a very complex yet pleasing shot, Biliana. I like the interplay of the characters and softness of the tones.

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Ric Marder , March 06, 2006; 11:52 P.M.

as always, wonderful original work Biliana. looks like a giant fish is swallowing them whole. fine lighting captured.

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Paula Grenside , March 07, 2006; 03:01 A.M.

Original and thought provoking, Biliana.

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Cherlyn . , March 07, 2006; 03:50 A.M.

Stimulating & sizzling ...

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Armagan Bice , March 07, 2006; 07:35 A.M.


Dream .... Cong. My Dear Biliana... see you again...

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Lee Jianmin , March 07, 2006; 12:36 P.M.

From the thumbnail, it looks like an Ostrich. LOL I like this picture.Very artistic. Actually sex is a gift and it is so beautiful when intimate moments are share with your partner.Best Regards.

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Mehmet Akin , March 07, 2006; 02:18 P.M.


interesting and perfect composition...congrts.regards

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Vezon Thierry , March 08, 2006; 11:23 A.M.


Excellent,original,chere Biliana,best wishes.

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Biliana Rakocevic , March 08, 2006; 11:28 A.M.

To Vezon Thierry

Thank you so much cher Vezon :) I really appreciate it :):):)


Ada Ipenburg , March 08, 2006; 12:46 P.M.

Dear Biliana, the final shape of the acrobatic feats which this artists do has a real erotic radiation. I didn't need to read the title to see what's going on here and I like it. Beautiful colours and soft light. Excellent and original work, Biliana!

Thank you for commenting my dedication to Tony and I wish you too a great Women's Day! BTW, I have read your biography with much interest and astonishment. You're an admirable woman, Biliana. Warm greetings, your friend Ada:~)

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Sebastian Free , March 08, 2006; 02:04 P.M.

What do I think? :-)You are really investigating the limits of this effects beyond I coud imagine. I like the experimental sensation of this creations and enjoy seeing how you surprise me every time I come by. Interesting shot.

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Bill Angel , March 08, 2006; 03:32 P.M.

Very imaginative use of your Theatral Scene - Follies image. The black tube could be interpreted as the maw (or mouth) of Death, ultimately consuming all. As I see it, the individuals depicted here have apparently chosen to indulge their carnal lusts until that moment when Death (the maw) consumes them, and they then join the rest of humanity in oblivion and/or Nothingness. Admittedly, my reaction to this construction of yours here is a lot different than my reaction to the original image upon which it is based, the original image representing to me just a depiction of a group orgy in a bed.

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B.C Okmen , March 09, 2006; 05:22 A.M.

very original,great composition.congrats.

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Someone Else , March 09, 2006; 06:04 A.M.

Lady B!l!ana, I love it, it is an orgy coming out of a magic bottle. Ending with passion in the air.

(and wow you have a full and intense life reading your bio.)


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Biliana Rakocevic , March 09, 2006; 06:20 A.M.

To Els

Thank you sweet Lady Els :) :) oh, and Thank YOu my Elf :) I am still having a very interesting life living on the Balkans and Serbia :):) :( :( :) ;D

Kisses and hugs to you sweety :) Biliana

Biliana Rakocevic , March 09, 2006; 06:36 A.M.

To Ada

Thank you Dear Ada :D) for your wonderful words! So glad you like my small erotic creation :):) You too you are an amazing and admirable Woman dear Ada :) I am so glad and happy to have you for a Friend, and grateful for all your support and encouragements dear Friend :):)

Kisses and hugs,


Biliana Rakocevic , March 09, 2006; 06:39 A.M.

To Sebastian Free

Thank you daer Sebastian :) I like to play in this Kaleidoscope filter to change my photograph upside down :):)

A Kiss, Biliana

Biliana Rakocevic , March 09, 2006; 06:47 A.M.

To Bill Angel

Oh, dear Bill, you have a nice vision of my creation, only I dont like the idea of Death, but that is me, cause I am more for LIFE :) but still interesting poing of view dear Bill :) Biliana

Sebastian Free , March 10, 2006; 07:57 A.M.

Dear Biliana. Thanks for your comments really really useful and good over my last pics. Referring to yuour precious post, Balcans and serbia sounds good to me. I went there just a bit before everything that happened and I really, really loved it. I just hope everything is in order now.

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Basso Gianluca , March 10, 2006; 10:20 A.M.

Brava Biliana, a very interesting work. I like it very much !!

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