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Breast Portrait (nude)

Comments this photo are appreciated. Thanks.


Tom Meyer , November 20, 2001; 07:25 P.M.

I don't get it...

I am surprised to get absolutely nothing from this photo. I mean, I'm a hetero sexual guy with a great fondness, admiration and affinity for women's breasts, and this affinity has many facets (which I'll leave to you to surmise), but this photo surprisingly doesn't make me think of any of those motivating attachments (pun intended). It seems lacking in sensuality of any form (surprising in your work), it celebrates none of the awesome geometry resident in the subject, nor displays the asymmetrical lyricism so common in classical renditions of women's bodies. The photo tells me nothing about mammary functionality. It hints at physiogamy but this particular breast is neither supra-normal nor atypical. There isn't any overt psychology evident. And I don't find it particularly well lit or composed. It's compositional distance from the woman's whole being might have some interesting sub-text, but there is no hint for me in this photographic treatment as to what that sub-text might be...

So herein lies this photograph's most provocative issue...why does it exist? Could you say why you like it? or if you like it? What your hope for it is, or plans for it might be?... t

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Jeff Clark , November 20, 2001; 10:40 P.M.

Well ... great use of "thirds" at least while printing :-) I too am a hero of a nice healthy breast, but there isn't enough dramatic lighting here.

Every straight guy wants to be blessed with the chance to photograph an attractive woman AND her breasts. I've done some and I'm still never completely comfortable. Perhaps, this is the only image that isn't shaky or out of focus :-) Perhaps if it was printed darker with more contrast to give it some snap. Kudos on getting her top off at least but I hope you didn't kick her out of bed yet because she'll be good to work with if she's willing. Good luck and don't stop because you're onto something.

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Jeff Clark , November 20, 2001; 10:45 P.M.

Here's my half ass'd attempt at making the image snappy with half ass'd photo-editing equipment.

Image Attachment: Maybe.jpg

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Paul Norman Dicaire , November 22, 2001; 01:46 P.M.

The breast appears distorted. IMHO, this image does not do justice to the beauty of this particular part of the female form.

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Tom Menegatos , December 17, 2001; 07:24 P.M.

BTW... I'm not ignoring the questions... I just haven't figured out why I like it yet. I have some thoughts but I'm not sure. I was hoping someone would like it and help me out but that hasn't happened yet. I do know I like it though.

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