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Photographer's Request for Critique

comments welcome

merci ..


ben conover , April 14, 2006; 08:15 A.M.

Good tones and skin textures, inspiring.


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Dmtri T. , April 14, 2006; 12:22 P.M.


I like it a lot!!! beautiful tones and shapes...

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jf d , April 14, 2006; 12:51 P.M.

Many thanks to Ben & Dimitri

From Ma Muse & the photografer

tommy culbreth , April 15, 2006; 01:58 A.M.

makes me hungry!

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jf d , April 15, 2006; 02:50 A.M.


Hope you have enough to eat around you ?...whish you good appetite!

Larry Boswell , April 15, 2006; 06:46 A.M.

Somebody call Guiness World Records! "We need a measurement over here!"

That's just so wrong on too many levels!

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jf d , April 15, 2006; 08:19 A.M.



Larry Boswell , April 16, 2006; 09:11 A.M.

With complete respect....Her hair (personal opinion) is too long. The rating I gave you for this picture reflects how I feel about the crafting of this photo.

VR, Larry

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