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As always...comments, all ways appreciated thanks.... juan


Umapathy C , May 18, 2006; 01:17 A.M.

OOps, brilliant

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Massimo Santoni , May 18, 2006; 02:36 A.M.

Excellent! Great B&w tones, lighting and pleasing expression!. good detail and beautiful lady! Well done!

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Michel Latendresse , May 18, 2006; 02:38 A.M.

Fantastic portrait Juan. So much character in the eyes and face. Beautiful subject. I like the B&W, the lighting and the tones are perfect. Great shot of a lovely lady Juan.

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David Cochran , May 18, 2006; 02:46 A.M.

As usual, great photography. I love the natural lighting, great pose and composition. The most beautiful thing about the picture is the "trust" in her eyes.

You guys are fortunate.


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Marina Cano , May 18, 2006; 03:33 A.M.

Beautiful picture

And beautiful woman.

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Sarah Underhill , May 18, 2006; 06:42 A.M.

Wonderful. Beautiful.

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Floriana Barbu , May 18, 2006; 06:47 A.M.


What a beauty !

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Chris Harrison , May 18, 2006; 06:48 A.M.

A sensitive and beautifully captured portrait. Wonderful 6/6.

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Zdenko Petrovski , May 18, 2006; 08:08 A.M.


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Haleh Bryan , May 18, 2006; 11:39 A.M.

Beauty of wisdom!

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Marketa Uhlirova , May 18, 2006; 03:45 P.M.


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scott clarke , May 18, 2006; 08:30 P.M.

Excellent Juan. Very strong portrait of a strong women.

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Jim Adams , May 18, 2006; 11:48 P.M.

Such character in her face. A direct look into the lens gets me every time. And her hair is simply gorgeous. What more can I say, Juan...this is one of your best.

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Sky Blue , May 18, 2006; 11:56 P.M.

Many fine days!

There has to be many joyful memories living in this beautiful portrait! I'm afraid I'd want to live them all again. Congratulations on a great photo and a beautiful Eddy. ~Sky

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Umair Ghani , May 19, 2006; 10:39 A.M.

this is superb! u captured the soul of the subject. marvellous rendition in B&W. awesome light & composition. classic touch 2 this great portrait. regards!

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Juan De Santa Anna , May 19, 2006; 01:03 P.M.

Thank-you to all of yous...I have been telling her how beautiful she is for about three years now...maybe now, she wont think I am goofy for saying so...If beauty is in the eye of the beholder I appreciate all of you beholders...as I do every day we spend together. Juan

Michael Ging , May 19, 2006; 10:13 P.M.

This is a great photo capturing the qualities of a Beautiful woman.Excellent lighting and composition.

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Manuel Álvarez-Arenas Bayo , May 20, 2006; 07:35 A.M.

Wanderful! I like her honest look and beauty.

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Francesco Favretto , May 20, 2006; 12:28 P.M.


Marvelous image for a splendid and real woman.

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walter niessner , May 20, 2006; 06:41 P.M.

A very good portrait and a welcome contrast to the superficial plastic puppies so common here on Photonet. Good work and congrats !

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Darrell M , May 20, 2006; 08:31 P.M.

Life is good.

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Jack Blake , May 21, 2006; 02:46 A.M.

holy moly...

.. Juan...

when did you do this?? It's fantastic!!

what an ABSOLUTELY STUNNING shot of your lady..

it's friggin' perfect.. Her natural and wonderful beauty shines, dude... GREAT mood, light and relaxed expression.. beautiful lines... She's wonderful...

great job on your new bio pic of yourself as well...

Made me smile, Juan.. awesome!


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Juan De Santa Anna , May 21, 2006; 11:26 A.M.

Holy Moly???

Thanks Jack! It is a pretty recent shot...I have been having fun converting to B&W in raw...to me it seems to be better than in PS...Fun is where it's at!Juan

Pepa de Rivera , August 02, 2006; 02:57 A.M.

Bravo Juan!

Soy una fanatica de los retratos, y este me parece magnifico. La expresion que has captado, intensa y que nos deja a la espera de sus palabras, a la espera de escuchar toda una interesante vida que has sabido reflejar con maestria.

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Chris Fraser , August 19, 2006; 02:47 A.M.

Wonderful portrait.

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Maciej Kluziak , October 09, 2006; 12:47 P.M.

a natural beauty, this is one of the best pictures I've found here, hats off

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Kim Slonaker , December 25, 2006; 05:48 P.M.

Very strong portrait. The eyes grab you and draw you right in.

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Debra Trean , January 05, 2007; 09:03 P.M.

Excellent a very beautiful woman.... I love this image...very very nice!!! Inspiring!!

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Emmanuel Enyinwa , May 04, 2007; 06:29 A.M.

Excellent, excellent.

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Karl-Einar Löfqvist , October 02, 2007; 09:36 A.M.


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Doug Gentry , April 22, 2008; 12:49 A.M.

Juan, this is what being a photographer is all about! Exquisite! Doug.

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Juan De Santa Anna , April 22, 2008; 02:28 A.M.

Thanks Doug...coming from a photographer as yourself...I take that as a very nice compliment! I agree this woman is what I am all about! Definitely my inspiration....thanks again for the visits...juan

Meir Samel , December 20, 2008; 01:42 A.M.

A seven for me

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