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Martika Pregnant (nude)

Being a male photographer, it is hard to get the trust of a lady in the family way. Luckily, Martika had modeled for me before, and therefore trusted me to portray her in a sympathetic way. Some of her earlier pictures are still up on my site. Here I was not trying for glamour or sexy imaging, but a sympathetic understanding that the miracle of new life is wonderful. She knows that she bears a daughter and delighted in showing me that the baby gets the hiccups. I wonder if she will let me record the birth.


John Peri , July 31, 2006; 02:33 A.M.

Hy Jerry, how are you? it's some time since we have been in touch. This is very graceful, a lovely image. There is something magical about pregnancy. I also photographed a pregnant lady last week, but she gave me all of two minutes in an open doorway, followed by her girlfriend who gave me an additional three. I have never before seen girls remove their clothes and put them on again so fast!

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Anthony J Deffina , August 08, 2006; 09:56 A.M.


I'd say that her trust in you was well placed! I think a soft focus or glow to this would help convey the mood, but it is nice the way it is. I hope she lets you shoot the birth, no doubt they would be photos that she'd charish and could share with her daughter in the future. With Respect, Anthony

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Tom Beaudreau , August 08, 2006; 06:14 P.M.

There is something very special about a pregnant woman. She is radiant!

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Kim Allsebrook , August 09, 2006; 01:07 P.M.

Nature at it's best... well done... Kim :o)

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Luca A. R. , July 07, 2007; 08:48 A.M.

Strikes emotions

Can't understand those dull 3/3 raters. It is really very nice, also the highlight reflections on the body do not disturb.

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