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Nude, self portrait

This is one of a series in the same setting I'm working on. The scan is a working print (sorry, it got on the scanner crooked forgive the slant) that I'm contemplating before I go further. I'm considering some toning or using a warmtone paper to warm up the image a little. Any constructive criticism is appreciated. Take a gander at some of my other images while you're in my portfolio! Thanks in advance!


Jawed Ashraf , January 04, 2002; 09:19 P.M.

Looking forward to seeing more - holds promise.

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David Wilson (Vortex Imaging) , January 05, 2002; 04:06 A.M.

Looks good so far...

But why is it that 98% of all male photographers have beards or goatees?

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Daniel Brock , January 05, 2002; 09:50 P.M.

I like the idea that you're working with a considerable amount. Although, I feel that the door dominates the shot and destracted from you being the main subject of the composition. The window and the ground in the forground of the image may be a little hot and possible could binifit from a bit of burning.

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Ricardo J. Méndez Castro , January 08, 2002; 01:02 A.M.

Intersting self-portraint, but the image being crooked distracts a bit.

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Ken Imduaikiat , February 15, 2002; 02:12 A.M.

Tilted!!!... can be easily fixed in PS... please, I like this one a lot..

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A. Taner , May 23, 2003; 08:39 P.M.

I disagree with the comments about the door - I think the door represents the world 'out there' here in this photo, and it looks like the character (or you?) has problems with it... Just my cheap shot at pscho-analysis!

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