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White tone study.


Kimberly Baird-Stephenson , November 11, 2006; 09:12 P.M.

Very unique and creative photography. Your model is beautiful and her features are perfecly defined in this pic. I really like what you did with this photograph, GREAT WORK, Kim

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chris davies , November 11, 2006; 09:24 P.M.


Stunning image beautiful eyes great tones could look at this for hours

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ric douglas , November 11, 2006; 10:20 P.M.

I like this - I have a similar image, I like playing with images like this. Did you try changing it to black and white?

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Michael Murphy , November 11, 2006; 10:39 P.M.

Very well done, simply wonderful.

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Owen O'Meara , November 12, 2006; 03:08 A.M.


The placement of the model in the frame and the beautiful position of the right hand are striking.


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David McCracken , November 12, 2006; 03:40 A.M.

Just a little bit...

I would have to say... this is just a little bit excellent... OK! Maybe more than a little bit!

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Pierre Dumas , November 12, 2006; 03:56 A.M.


This one is even better! Perfection!


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Tim Holte , November 12, 2006; 08:49 A.M.

Very nice series! Beautiful model too!

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billy webb , November 12, 2006; 01:27 P.M.

ever so often you will see an image that catches your attention. This image captures my attention because of the simplistic nature of the pose and the lighting. I know for sure there was nothing simple about the shoot! My point is when you get it right and pull it off the result is this, a simply beautiful portrait!

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Wayne Melia , November 13, 2006; 02:22 A.M.

Echo previous accolades - arresting photo; and Tim's comment: great series. Thanks for for sharing.

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Pedro de Luisa , November 13, 2006; 02:51 P.M.


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Floriana Barbu , November 13, 2006; 03:19 P.M.

So, so beautiful, speachless !

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Michael Murphy , February 25, 2007; 03:41 P.M.

Re-thinking my earlier comment, "very well done, simply wonderful" I would like to add that this is the clearly my favorite photo on all of PHOTO.NET.

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