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Shooting Star...from an airplane window

This image is straight from the camera. Here's the details. I used my 15mm fisheye on my Canon 20D (making it around a 22.5 mm) This was a 3.5 second exposure without a tripod. I pressed the camera up against the window so the lens was right up against it, waited for no turbulance and shot. I also had a blanket over my head and the window to block out the inside lights of the plane being reflected in the shot. I was shooting the wind with the moon above it and some lights down below when after one shot I notice this streak going across the frame (I think it's also being reflected on the wing). I can only assume it was a shooting star (meteorite). It's funny, but I never seem to see shooting stars when I am looking for them, yet here it was on my 3.5 second exposure. Dumb luck. Anyway, I thought this looked like a neat kind of futuristic shot. Thanks for looking. :)


Steve Augle , December 04, 2006; 11:31 P.M.

VIP ~ 7/7

Wow Great image I love this one wonderful 7/7...............~ Steve,

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Todd Laffler , December 05, 2006; 12:09 A.M.


I guess seeing a shooting star from an airplane window is actually pretty common/average (i.e. a 4 for originality) let alone capturing it in a photo. Oh well, I still like it :P

Russell Acord , December 05, 2006; 12:26 A.M.

Shooting Star

I really like this photo as it comes in quite clear. The shooting star is crisp and clean...I dont like to fly let alone look out the window...Love It

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Andrew Midthune , December 05, 2006; 12:34 A.M.

That is just awesome.

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Ken Simm , December 05, 2006; 12:26 P.M.

Common sight or not and despite the subject matter, this is a very well composed shot. The painter in me likes all the triangles. Regards Ken.

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