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Photographer's Request for Critique

hotel room studio

a small best western hotel room on clearwater beach..the loveliest of models..on open 6 foot sliding glass door and a coffe table... overexposed background..all natural light.. huh? whatta ya think?


Alessandro Travagli , December 10, 2006; 01:57 P.M.

Fantastic tones

Very nice,excellent pose,lovely...model! Alex

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Douglas Swinskey , December 10, 2006; 01:59 P.M.


i am interested in your thoughts..if you dont have the courtesy to leave your thoughs, please dont leave a rating..if you critque my work, then you rating has some meaning..

Douglas Swinskey , December 10, 2006; 01:59 P.M.


thank you..sorry for the rant...

Siloto Siloto , December 10, 2006; 02:24 P.M.

I like it! :-)

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Jim Phelps , December 10, 2006; 02:54 P.M.


Doug, The only thing I do not like about this foto are the 2 blemishes on her left side, the brown spot on her hip and the red spot lower on her leg. These could be removed with Photoshop. The lighting is very good, but the pose is even better!

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Douglas Swinskey , December 10, 2006; 04:28 P.M.

hey jim...

i dont ever remove beauty marks....did that once... thanks for the words and advice...

Shoghi Castel de Oro , December 10, 2006; 05:14 P.M.


Fantastic shot man. I love the description of how you did it, some of the stuff I do...well, I remember my days in film when a filter was sometimes rubbing vaseline on a piece of glass in front of the lenz. Heres to not needing an expensive ass studio for every shot. And as far as the blemishes go..unless theyre oozing..i leave em in too. 8) I love the rest of your work too, looking forward to seeing more!

and as for a critique..Ill be nitpicky here cause you obviously dont need to really change anything with this. I look at the right border, and the left border..and i just want to see the same amount of space...lest you try to go for a tangent on each side..

and I would have dabbed a slight sharpen on her hair over her face...

like i said...subjective crap, great picture!

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Douglas Swinskey , December 10, 2006; 05:34 P.M.


..i though about sliding the pic over as well ..but decided purity was better.. thanks for the words...

Al Li , December 10, 2006; 07:03 P.M.

Beautiful use of natural light.

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