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Sister Sledge performing during Ottawa's 2006 Bluesfest. Photo Friday: Sisters

By: Michael Scott  |  View Full Portfolio (74 images)

Equipment: Konica Minolta 7d, Minolta 100-300mm f4.5-5.6

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Sister Sledge at Ottawa's Bluesfest 2006

Handheld from far away...too bad I was leaving at the time, could have got many more shots I'm afraid!


ken james , January 05, 2007; 11:32 P.M.

Michael: I would have stayed until the coppers booted me out - this is Sister Sledge! I think you did a great job here...no distractions...no bright spots from spot lights...no neighbors' heads...the singer behind Big Sister is nicely placed, much better than if it was just Big Sister...Had you been able to take a few shots, I bet you would have been able to get one with her face looking a bit more relaxed or something...she looks like she's chewing on walnuts or something. I'd be happy had I taken the photo. ken

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Michael Scott , January 06, 2007; 10:35 P.M.

Thanks Ken, for your gracious comments. I had a press pass for Bluesfest but it didn't cover this act, I was actually out in the crowd at the side. I didn't think I would get any decent shots considering the low light and fairly slow lens but I did get a few before I left (it was a long day!) Considering the shots were pretty decent I kick myself now for leaving early! Thanks again for letting me know what you think, always helps to hear from others.

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