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Vagina bay

Comments please.


J.K. York , January 18, 2007; 05:36 P.M.

very cool provocative abstract. bold colors and design. great imagination. i like it. J.K.

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Alberto Quintal , January 18, 2007; 06:33 P.M.


Original and very well done, Michael.



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Gabi B , January 18, 2007; 06:50 P.M.

Very good work, very nice colors and symmetry! Well done!

Best regards, Gabi

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Pulok Pattanayak , January 18, 2007; 11:18 P.M.

Creative work.


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CT Pehlivan , January 19, 2007; 12:06 A.M.


Great artwork with great colors and shapes.Well Done.Efharisto Michael.

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alexandra rauh , January 19, 2007; 12:55 A.M.

very tasteful,beautiful composition and colors

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Mehmet Akin , January 19, 2007; 01:45 A.M.

hello Michael

very good and original composition..nice colors..congrats.regards

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Yiannis Dimkopoulos , January 19, 2007; 05:02 A.M.

Red and Blue

Mixali something different and original here, including the title of the photo. Kalimera sou Yiannis

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Ruud Albers , January 19, 2007; 05:40 A.M.

Beautiful and original work, Michael! Best regards, Ruud.

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Alain Rapoport , January 19, 2007; 05:59 A.M.

Both very provocative and very soft. Beautiful graphism and colors. Another fine creation.

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Catalin S. , January 19, 2007; 07:22 A.M.

Dearing, interesting, powerful!!!!!!!!!

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A.K. Sircar , January 19, 2007; 09:03 A.M.

Excellent rendition,Michael.Original& artistic.

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Babis Babis , January 19, 2007; 11:21 A.M.

Very good work.

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Kazimiera M , January 19, 2007; 03:26 P.M.

Great color harmony, excellent symmetry and very interesting title, well done abstract :)

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ioannis papadogiannis , January 19, 2007; 03:29 P.M.

It is really an achievement when a mans work can be recognized without his name written.This is Meneklis work.

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Karina Brys , January 20, 2007; 05:54 A.M.

Daring and creative!

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Michael Meneklis , January 23, 2007; 03:24 A.M.

Thanks for your nice comments.

Adan Wong , February 08, 2007; 06:37 P.M.

Creative and very original. You are quite an artist.

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George Koutsilieris , March 21, 2007; 11:38 A.M.


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