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Went out to take Aurora Boreals shot?s and they were nowhere to be seen so I had to improvise. Am in a very "symmetrical" mood these days composition wise.


Younes Bounhar , February 26, 2007; 09:01 P.M.

quite the lunar landscape. Pretty amazing! Out of curiosity, how is it that the sky is orange? Do you use filters?



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Lárus Sigurðarson , February 26, 2007; 09:08 P.M.

Younes: Thanx for the comment, nah no filters, just set the WB to 6500 kelvin when it should have been about 3000-3500 kelvin for neutral coloring.

John Myers , February 27, 2007; 01:04 A.M.

Beautiful image. It may not BE tilted but it SEEMS that way.

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Lars Karlsson , February 28, 2007; 07:54 A.M.


What a shot!!! Brilliant. Where is it?

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Lárus Sigurðarson , February 28, 2007; 01:46 P.M.

Lars: I wrote the location in the details, it?s taken in Hafnarfj�r�ur or just a stone throw outside Hafnarfj�r�ur on the way to Blᦪ�ll :)

Chris Stachura , March 04, 2007; 09:41 A.M.


looks even more like marsian landscape, great red tones and stars visible on red and black coloured sky. Other world

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