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Photographer's Request for Critique

Smoke works- 24: Ignorance blooming

Nothing but smokes. cheers,


Manuel Balea , April 19, 2007; 01:59 P.M.

Very aesthetic...good light!

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Bassem Alazzawy , April 19, 2007; 04:32 P.M.

very nice work, best regards 6/6 Bassem

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Stephen Penland , April 19, 2007; 08:52 P.M.

This is one of the best "smoke works" images that I've seen. Very creative.

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Mehmet Ozgur , April 19, 2007; 09:33 P.M.

Thanks Stephen. I feel a bit down that its getting almost no welcome from pn community, -thus the title-.

Hey, it's always hard to accept a bad idea/execution/image etc, but this is life. We are not perfect. nothing is perfect.

Dan Bliss , April 19, 2007; 11:54 P.M.

For what it is worth, I think it is a very cool concept, with beautiful tones. Dan

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carlos morel , April 20, 2007; 08:49 A.M.

really interesting composition, really the best smoke work after the one you did the eye. May i ask how you did it?

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Brad Kim , April 21, 2007; 11:14 A.M.

Another masterpiece, Mehmet.... Cheer up!

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Mehmet Ozgur , April 23, 2007; 09:10 A.M.

real hits over ratings

Thanks for the support Brad.

Let me clarify why I'm not happy. I assume like many here on the PN, my goal is to share my work with larger audience, not really get or give educational guidance/classes as the site editor now tasked us to do.

Accordingly, I question my goals and motives in joining PN, if my images will get only few hundreds hits. Seriously, if I wanted to reach only few hundred folks, I could keep sharing my pics with my friends via email as I used to do.

Now, as the ratings here, the hope of reaching wider audience is fast becoming a meaningless endeavor. I'd take 25K "real" hits any day even if the pic get all 1s.


Maurizio Guarino , May 05, 2007; 06:22 P.M.

Great work!!

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