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bu nude

thank you


Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch , August 07, 2007; 09:56 P.M.

everything here is surprising, original and peace full

very well done

c U

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Diana Deaver , August 07, 2007; 11:41 P.M.

Texture and Substance

I love the tone you gave this picture. I love the browns in her hair and eyes. Very original in the color texture and pose. I would have loved to see a bit more expression in the model's face.

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Michael Murphy , August 08, 2007; 01:21 A.M.

I love everything about this photo. 7/7

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Michael Whitney , August 08, 2007; 02:35 A.M.

Love the light and tone.

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Bodyline Photos , August 08, 2007; 03:12 A.M.

light tones graphical elements all wonderful

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Manuel Colombo , August 08, 2007; 04:05 A.M.

Great shot. And that foot pose is simply sexy! Well done

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Marius Ilie , August 08, 2007; 05:30 A.M.


perfect lighting and sepia toning

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Balthazar Lefebvre Maisch , August 08, 2007; 09:16 A.M.

that's it, I'm blocked on this one !!!!

your shot build a nerd guy = me!

I will go back with more intelligent comments...

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Frank Scheitrowsky , August 08, 2007; 12:36 P.M.

Impressive and beautiful model, perfect exposure and sharp focus, but there's nothing else here for me. Simply contrived IMO. Too close to the backdrop. No emotion, nothing to say.

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Hataiiia Hataiiia , August 08, 2007; 04:10 P.M.


Harnois Yves , August 08, 2007; 07:22 P.M.

very interesting

I like the graphic aspect in this image

the curves, the lines and textures

very beautiful photographs

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Thomas Collins , August 09, 2007; 09:13 P.M.

ah, one of my favorite models. Truely lovely.

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Vishal Malhotra , August 10, 2007; 01:34 A.M.

Nice shot of Mandi here but the background doesn't work for me. Maybe something solid in the background. Great work.

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Fred W. Smith , August 10, 2007; 09:21 A.M.

except the high lighting border of the chair, everything is really perfect. BRAVO.


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Fred W. Smith , August 11, 2007; 06:54 A.M.

back on your photo...

please forget my remark on the chair, now I like the sense of cutting the body with it, a little bit like she was holding a metal ruler...

yes !

c U


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Hataiiia Hataiiia , August 11, 2007; 04:05 P.M.


i like that highlight too :)

Andrei Artemyeff , September 25, 2007; 08:00 A.M.

Good Old Days ;))

Great, great, great!

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Terry Mah , October 22, 2007; 01:33 A.M.

A Study in Contrasts

Vision and execution are perfect. You are demonstrating that employing a gorgeous model is only merely a starting point for executing your vision. This should be hung in galleries and then used in textbooks. Congratulations!

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christopher george , December 15, 2007; 02:18 A.M.

once again another wonderful shot, you have managed to cature her simple elagance very niceley. I must say with the upmost respect that this model has the most beautiful pair of breasts i have ever laid eyes on.

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marco prenninger , January 15, 2008; 01:59 P.M.

beautiful man...not only the model, but the pose and the light...i like it!

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Gaetano Belverde , January 26, 2008; 05:50 P.M.

very nice composition... well done. I don't like juast the warm cast, shoul be better in pure BW.

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Andrzej Radka , March 10, 2008; 02:02 P.M.

Great shot!Brilliant composition, and beautiful tones.Love texture of chair and wall.Lighting is superb.My compliments.Andrzej

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John Bennett , June 05, 2008; 10:59 A.M.


Would you be able to share this model's name?

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Hataiiia Hataiiia , June 06, 2008; 01:27 A.M.

Her name is Valentine

Andre Easter , March 10, 2009; 10:02 A.M.

!!! + !!! = !!!!!!

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