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Photographer's Request for Critique

Scotland tree

Beautiful place in Scotland. Comments are welcome.


David Leemans , August 25, 2007; 09:01 P.M.

Fantastic shot, very dramatic.

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Pascal Agneray , August 25, 2007; 09:05 P.M.

I will feel smug and righteous giving this picture a 7/7 because I want to see it at the top. It's the kind of picture I wish I had in my hard-drive. One thing I am not sure is the color tint you chose. I like it but how were cool tones?

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Matthew Loeber , August 25, 2007; 09:10 P.M.

Great Tree and sweet composition!!

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Pascal Agneray , August 25, 2007; 09:11 P.M.

Warm works better.

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Juan Carlos Bretschneider , August 25, 2007; 09:19 P.M.

I agree that warm works better, however blue is not bad itself. Great and surreal image, congratulations!

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Corrado Borean , August 25, 2007; 09:21 P.M.



I have tried with cool tones, but I have chosen this green/yellow version. It appears less surrealistic. In this situation, cloudy day, the typical infrared effect disappears. Colours of raw file is almost monocromatic. I have recreated shades and colours.

Dan Bliss , August 25, 2007; 09:47 P.M.

Beautiful image. I really like the composition and the color. Nicely done. Dan

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Magan Rix , August 25, 2007; 10:14 P.M.

This is fantastic it looks like a sketch you would find in a book about ancient times. Great work,

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Shea Riggenbach , August 25, 2007; 11:43 P.M.

I am sorry but I have to disagree. I feel this picture is overly processed. It looks baked. If you toned it down a bit and left it closer to the original I think it would come off better.

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Darius Tulbure , August 26, 2007; 02:02 A.M.

The colors and composition are excellent... really dramatic feeling. Too bad though there's a white fringe around the tree's branches.

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Wayne Willis , August 26, 2007; 06:37 A.M.

very nice atmosphere and great composition

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Corrado Borean , August 27, 2007; 06:44 A.M.

Thankyou very much at all contributors for their comments, suggestions and opinions.


Gary McGhee , August 28, 2007; 10:06 A.M.

great atmosphere and such a great looking tree. cheers.

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