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The Screen's Eye View: My Online Personna

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Alex Wilson , March 20, 2002; 10:45 P.M.

Aesthetics 8, Originality 7

spooky 2001 HAL effect, I like it.

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David Goldfarb , March 25, 2002; 11:32 P.M.

Trust me, it's easy to make a lot of really boring shots with a fisheye. I find it helps to have strong foreground interest or a tubular space or to be photographing something naturally flat and round. I find it to be the perfect lens for probably fewer than 10 shots a year. Fun to have in the bag for those few occasions, though.

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Grant Corban , April 04, 2002; 02:56 A.M.

Nice Framing

Nice framing of the door and light box in the roof. Cutting into these lines would have weakened the photo for me. If only the window on the right could have been closer to the edge to match ;-)

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Dave Holland , June 15, 2002; 09:00 A.M.

Hi, Dave. I find myself here after drifting through your portfolio at usefilm, and after browsing through your professional website and publications. Nice to meet you.

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