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Nude male

Thanks for your comments...


Adela Hriscu , September 25, 2007; 03:33 A.M.

What can i say that excellent idea, splendid execution!

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Yves Pichon , September 25, 2007; 04:27 A.M.

Nice picture. Good composition and beautiful male model. This picture has apparently been taken at noon (shadows) and the light is excellent for this kind of shot. Cheers. Yves P. (http://imagesyves.net).

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Vladimir Funtak , October 24, 2007; 07:01 P.M.

Everything looks so natural, perfectly balanced.Cong. Regards, vf

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Zakuro Fujiwara , December 25, 2007; 04:57 P.M.

the best

out of all the male nude models i have to say that this is the best. very natural, and he has that mysterious expression on his face. i also love the 2nd one you took of him.

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Adrian Richards , January 28, 2008; 10:39 A.M.

lovely idea

this is wonderful

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