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John Peri , December 12, 2007; 11:32 A.M.

Beautfiully done, with great sensitivity for the subject ..

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Chester Nicholls , December 12, 2007; 12:13 P.M.

Great atmosphere and feeling, much more than a photo.

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Christopher N , December 12, 2007; 06:17 P.M.

Excellent work. Just a bit more light/detail to the eyes, and I think it would be perfect.

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Joe Gallagher , December 12, 2007; 11:08 P.M.

Extraordinarily sensual photo. the tones create a beautiful mood. Your model is exquisite. Thanks

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Steffen Drache , December 13, 2007; 02:53 A.M.

I like it a lot, yes, great atmosphere!

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Francesco Favretto , December 13, 2007; 06:19 A.M.


Questa si che mi piace!

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Jaap ter Steege , December 13, 2007; 07:26 A.M.

Well done, i like the way u made use of the light. It gives the photo a sensual atmosphere.

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Dan Van Winkle , December 14, 2007; 01:08 P.M.


I'm a little disctracted by the white stuff (reflection?) just to the right of her arm pits. Other than that this would be a perfect image.

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Leonardo Villalobos , December 14, 2007; 07:13 P.M.

7 / 7

Perfect shot !

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