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Costas Ellos , March 17, 2008; 02:58 P.M.

One of your BEST !!!!!!!!!

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Beata Papierz , March 17, 2008; 03:30 P.M.

Absolutely good photo, perfect minimal composition, very expresive. I like it much. Regards.

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Janis Grodums , March 17, 2008; 03:36 P.M.


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John Peri , March 17, 2008; 03:39 P.M.

Brilliant, bravo.

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Patrick Desmet , March 17, 2008; 03:59 P.M.

Very good bravo !

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Gorm Rudschinat , March 17, 2008; 04:39 P.M.

you are a great artist

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Rita Chiliberti , March 17, 2008; 05:56 P.M.


Artistic and original.

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Andrzej Radka , March 17, 2008; 06:08 P.M.


Swietna robota Anakin.My compliments.Cheers,Andrzej

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Giovanni Tilotta , March 17, 2008; 11:22 P.M.

Unique Anakin.

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Rolland Steil , March 19, 2008; 12:17 A.M.

Simply incredible. cheers!

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Janusz Taras , March 19, 2008; 03:28 P.M.

Super,Hiper,i co sobie zamawiasz.7/7.Pozdrawiam.Janusz.

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Pascal Agneray , March 19, 2008; 07:04 P.M.

Tremendous dynamics and style. The hand in the panties...I am not sure if it was necessary. If both elbows were up it would really balance out the right motion of the lines.

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Irina Todorova , March 20, 2008; 07:25 A.M.

O o o, vinagi me izumiavash, i na men mi e krivo che sam ya propusnala, strahotna igra s rastera(liniite), no lubimoto mi e kadeto kraka se podpahva pod liniata,Bravo!

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Goran Anastasovski , March 22, 2008; 08:45 P.M.

Vo pravo si, ovae LUDNICA.

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Anakin Sk , March 22, 2008; 09:08 P.M.


Pierre Dumas , March 25, 2008; 01:58 A.M.

Kapu skidam!

Brishat, brishat ovde se shto e moe! Navodno gi izbrishale site moi komentari koi se reklami na moite sliki i tie koi se navredlivi. Ajde da gi vidam kako sega cce utvrdat dali e ovoj navrdeliv, ha!


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Ioannis Lukas , March 27, 2008; 04:52 A.M.

Fantastic!!7/7 regards janis Lukas

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Emiliya Emilova , May 27, 2009; 06:34 P.M.

WOW!! very stylish!

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Dennis Brabender , January 10, 2011; 10:57 P.M.

Took a look at your portfolio

I really enjoyed it

Lots of interesting shots 

Thanks for sharing

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Don Bryant , January 10, 2011; 11:08 P.M.

Actually nothing new here, that is this was done decades ago with high contrast film, along with the "erotic" content.


Nice imaginative work though, be glad you don't have to do this in the darkroom though the high contrast lith ortho films were pretty easy to work with.



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