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4th of July Fireworks

My first time photographing fireworks with a DSLR, please let me know if/how I can improve my caputre (ISO 100, Manual Focus)


Ben Hollingsworth , July 05, 2008; 01:53 A.M.

I like the framing, the location of the bursts, and the color variance between them. Enough to be interesting, but not too cluttered. I'm glad you didn't feel compelled to contain all of both bursts in your final photo, and still left a little dead space in the lower left.

I'd love to know what your camera specs were: focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

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Anushila Shaw , July 05, 2008; 02:11 A.M.

Thank you Ben! I really appreciate the feed back. To answer your questions - I'm actually really uncertain! I set up in the dark - but I know it was ISO 100 and I shot in BULB mode and the shutter was open for the length of the burst (at least 4 seconds I think, probably longer for this one).

R Sekhar , July 05, 2008; 11:06 A.M.

Anushila - this is realy beautiful! In addition to the variation in color, I like the symmetry of the flare patterns and the separation in between. Excellent work. Like yourself, I too shot fireworks for the first time yesyerday, and my best result posted here. Great job. Best regards. PS: If I can add a comment about your settings, if you were in the 'bulb' mode, I would guess your exp time was 15-20" or longer, (and given my own experiments with apertures and shutters yesterday), your f number would have to have been high.

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Kathy B. , July 05, 2008; 05:53 P.M.

This one is my favorite. Sharp and saturated.

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