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Velvet Ant (2)

For more detail view "Larger" Common Name: Red velvet ant or "cow killer" Scientific Name: Dasymutilla occidentalis (Linnaeus) Order: Hymenoptera Description: These insects are wasps, not ants. Females are wingless and covered with dense hair, superficially resembling ants. The red velvet-ant is the largest velvet-ant species, reaching about 3/4 inch in length. They are black overall with patches of dense orange-red hair on the thorax and abdomen. Males are similar but have wings and can not sting. Comments welcome. thanks


Raffaella Lunelli , August 13, 2008; 01:21 P.M.

But... is this critter REAL? It is simply beautiful. She looks like a "peluche", a puppet. But a beautiful puppet!

Great capture.

Ciao, Raffaella

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Vicki Passmore , August 13, 2008; 01:27 P.M.

Yes she is real. My son found it and we looked it up online because I had never seen one before. I was able to get about 40 photos of her before we let her go.

Andrew Piotrowski , August 13, 2008; 01:56 P.M.


Splendid, superb or just fantastic portrait of this very beautiful but a bit nasty creature.

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Pierre Dumas , August 13, 2008; 04:07 P.M.

I wonder is it a size of the ordinary ant!

Beautiful and well done! Everything that a macro has to have it has!


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