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Papua...Thanks for looking.


Ahmet Gurses , November 11, 2008; 08:37 A.M.

... very good portrait ...

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Mehmet Masum Süer , November 11, 2008; 08:43 A.M.

Perfect documanter work.. Very valuable a documanter.. Warm regards.. 6/7

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Steve B. , November 11, 2008; 09:27 A.M.

Looks like a National Geographic photo, as many of yours do.

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hans peters , November 11, 2008; 10:02 A.M.

A beautiful picture of this woman from another world that is schrinking rapidly. Was it a coincidence, your comment today on my papuan bird ?

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Lawrence Paiken , November 11, 2008; 01:29 P.M.

GREAT documentry shot, Birt. 7/7. Regards, Lawrence.

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Jayanti Basu , November 11, 2008; 01:49 P.M.

Wonderful...... and meaningful too. Best regards.

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Albertus Nugroho , November 11, 2008; 02:18 P.M.

wowww ...

an amazing portrait, birte ... i live in the same country with papua (i'm in jakarta), that's why i can feel the 'depth' of your image. it's a breath-taking portrait, birte ... excellent

regards, albertus

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Marjorie Smith , November 11, 2008; 04:42 P.M.

Profound image...Great documentary...Marjorie

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Joel Laverdure , November 11, 2008; 10:51 P.M.

Very nice portrait

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Jim Tipton , November 12, 2008; 01:16 A.M.

Definitely looks like a NG photo. Very well done.

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Linda Davidson , November 12, 2008; 01:29 A.M.

Birte, I have really enjoyed looking at your photos from New Guinea. This one is no exception. A couple of your fans said this looks like a National Geographic image, I agree.

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Keith Lancaster , November 12, 2008; 02:46 A.M.

Hi Birte

Great portrayal of this man, his stance makes me ask....Do you think he is cold or afraid? Or maybe neither?

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Bob Kurt , November 12, 2008; 06:54 A.M.

WOW, superb!!!

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Aivar Mikko , November 14, 2008; 10:33 A.M.

It's great to meet here papuas. Nice portrait.

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Keith Lancaster , November 17, 2008; 06:05 A.M.

Hi Birte

Yes...thanks I see it now...:-))

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Cristina Velina Ion , November 22, 2008; 07:57 A.M.

This is a really great portrait.. but it's giving me so sad feelings..

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