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Antoni Sans , January 06, 2001; 12:25 P.M.

more contrastly

Amy:The 3 photos that you shows in photo.net are good, but i think you should improve them if the light was more contrastly, with some parts of the body lights and others more dark. Antoni Sans

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Jason Schock , March 02, 2001; 11:48 P.M.

Let's see the feet

I would have liked to see your feet in the shot. Not always easy to line up self-portraits, though, I know.

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mehdi K , March 13, 2001; 02:35 P.M.

Aesthetics 6, Originality 8

more feet, one more hand. nice shot.

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Tom Meyer , April 02, 2001; 09:14 P.M.

Amy... in addition to the feet and hands issue, which are really important to any subtext of this image, less fill light would add some mystery. This type of lighting would be good for some sort of instructional manual, like Yoga in the Shower for Busy Women. In fact, she looks like she's doing the Breath of Fire. Perhaps printing the whole image darker, so the highlight on her shoulder dominats the tonal scale, might make the image alot more engaging... t

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Clementine B , April 04, 2001; 12:31 P.M.

I wish she weren't sucking in her stomach so sharply. It makes her seem too self-conscious.

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W Efajan , April 15, 2001; 01:57 A.M.

If her feet and hands were included, she would have looked like she was trying to push her way out of the picture frame. It doesn't look like that's what the photographer wanted.

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Nicholas Price , April 21, 2001; 05:11 P.M.

Hands and feet Amy, hands and feet!

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W Efajan , April 24, 2001; 12:56 A.M.

In regard to the comment "hands and feet": BALONEY! This is not a photo for which the convention fits. Well done Ms Powers.

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Nicholas Price , May 01, 2001; 10:27 A.M.

What is baloney?

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tyler malanowih , May 08, 2001; 06:47 P.M.

like it

she has a nice figure i like her breasts

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Priscilla Damaris , May 13, 2001; 11:21 P.M.


This and the pool shot done with self timer are my favorites in all your folder. The ruffled up hair in this realy gets me.It would have been nice to see some toes,but I guess that's just my thing.well done.

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W Efajan , June 22, 2001; 12:58 A.M.

In response to the sarcasm "what is baloney?", it is the informal corruption of "balogna" and can be found in modern dictionaries. If you are not being sarcastic, and would like to know, it is a euphemism for "bulls--t".

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John Newton , July 30, 2001; 02:11 P.M.

Aesthetics 6, Originality 6

Hi Amy. I feel the only thing lacking in your self portraits is a photographer, Its hard to work out where you are in the frame, if your not there. Try to engage with the camera, the missing link in so many of the photos on this site, If you dont want people to know what you look like , I dont see why your taking these photos or come to that showing them.

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Joel Nelson , July 31, 2001; 06:36 P.M.

Great Hair

Maybe I'm easy to please, but I think the way she used her hair in this is great. I dont care about sucking in the stomach, you can see that as intentional as far as the message of the photo or not. The overall pose is very good as well, I especially like the combination between leaning and pushing on the wall.

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rob mccool , August 05, 2001; 12:07 A.M.

shoot another model

because you can't be your own. you have a great body and i think a lot of talent- but did you really mean to cut off your hands and feet? I don't think you would have done that if you were looking thru the viewfinder at someone else. it was an accident you made running over to pose before the timer went off.

anyway- i can't blame you. i model for myself and i don't look half as good:)

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Mark Anderson , August 08, 2001; 07:42 A.M.

Very Nice (Photo and model)

Amy, Nice work. As a variation how about a little water on the model to add some shine and depth? I have to admit that I would have like to seen the hands and feet in the shot too, but I do like it the way it is. There is a lot of emotion in the photo that draws you in - - you can almost feel the cold tiles. Keep up the great work.

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carl testa , August 16, 2001; 09:12 P.M.

great photo!!

I like the hair and your sense of mystery by not showing your face. It leaves a little to the imagination.As far as the hands and feet I get the idea without seeing them completely.I feel you captured what you wanted or your photo wouldn't be on display. Great photo. Carl Testa

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Brian Greenway , September 02, 2001; 07:22 P.M.

I like

I definitely think you have an interesting and pleasing figure and you are doing the right thing by putting them on display. I think that the whole reason for you composing the collection is the fact that they are all self portraits and the fact that you make that known is all the more justifying. Perhaps the fact that each photo's composition is not entirely "perfect", adds to the beauty of the pictures. This makes them different and thus all the more interesting.

Additionally, I agree with Carl Testa in that if you were not happy about having cut some hands and feet out, then you would have placed it in the collection. You could have easily re-shot it, had you wanted to. Thank you for sharing your amazing and very real figure.

Can I also say that this and your waternude picture are my favourite in your folder.

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Norbert Jennes , September 05, 2001; 02:36 A.M.

Mamaaaa ...

...I'm hungry

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Aram Langhans , September 08, 2001; 11:12 A.M.

Aesthetics 9, Originality 9

I love your work. I especially like the shots where the light is coming through the slightly opened doors. Excellent work.

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Ludwig Bontinck , September 19, 2001; 05:53 A.M.


Very strong! Nice use of light.

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Jasmine O'Brien , November 04, 2001; 08:04 P.M.

Aesthetics 6, Originality 8

A powerful photo but the ankle bracelet spoils it.

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Patrick-Michel Dagenais , November 07, 2001; 01:50 P.M.


Anyone who says that you can't really do profesionnal photography with digital cameras should look at Amy Power's work and reconsider.

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Phil Rudz , January 14, 2002; 11:13 P.M.


this is pure beauty, the image is very graphically powerful, i love the lines in it. the lack of hands and feet adds to the originality of the image - makes it interesting. good work. :)

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richard simon , April 14, 2002; 12:56 A.M.

hands and feet

Lovely Amy!!!! Question, since you were there and we were not, it seems to me to include the hands or feet would have added the wall and the floor which would take away from the photograph. 9/9

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F Art , July 21, 2002; 07:10 A.M.

Whoa . . . .

Nice jugs. Are you single?

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Peter Lerman , March 25, 2003; 07:17 P.M.

Very Gutsy

Aside from the creative and expressive value, it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and open to critique. I admire you for this, as well as for the high quality of the work. Brava.

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William Hoffman , March 30, 2003; 05:14 A.M.

Where's the water?

Good shot. It would have been great with the shower running.

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Cameron Sawyer , March 31, 2003; 03:07 A.M.

This is excellent work. The missing hands, feet and face give a little shock which adds to the effect.

I regret the vulgar comments above. Surely such people can find other resources on the net which more suits their primitive cultural level?

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Alex B. , September 04, 2003; 01:05 P.M.

This whole folder is very original. The composition of all photos is just incredible. It's hard for many of us to achieve that while we behind camera, you managed to do that while being in front! If you could share your technic of self portraite with us-that would be great! Of course, very few of us would look as stunning in front of camera as you.

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Rick Belson , January 27, 2004; 11:59 A.M.

Lots of respect

I personally feel that any woman who can photograph nude pictures of themself and publish them on a site like this for everyone to see has a lot of guts. Much more then I would ever have. I see nothing wrong them. I am sure they weren't easy to take and weren't easy to put out for everyone to see. Great work.

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Ron Chappel , May 07, 2004; 09:36 A.M.

I'm not exactly sure what words i should use to describe this-it's abit difficult to work out why it's so good.
I too disagree thet you should include hands and feet,it's better without them.
i'll come back some other time and try ti anylise it better.Damn nice way to show your great body anyway!

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David Bradley , July 02, 2004; 10:31 A.M.

Great Hair

I love the way you are showing all of your lovely body, but concealing your face with your long hair. Very erotic, and mysterious.

The image does make me think that you are trying to show that you are in turmoil or have just gone through some very rough time like a death or a bad relationship, or are pondering the one night stand you just had and are feeling a bit shameful, or something. To me it seems that you are in deep thought, perhaps almost praying or looking for guidance or something.

Great shot, you are a beautiful woman, thanks for sharing your most intimate treasures with us and thanks for such a great image.


...David Bradley

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dave baldeo , July 14, 2004; 02:56 P.M.

Great Work

I love your nude work. The mystery is fascinating!! Fabulous body!

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