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NJ Nude

There is already some explanation of my intent in the comments already here. A further abstract nude example from the Glamour101 workshop.


Jim Phelps , November 30, 2008; 09:39 A.M.


I like this concept very much, but this image suffers from too small a depth of field and a cluttered background. Note that the background can be fixed in photoshop.

JIm Phelps

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Mark Harris , December 02, 2008; 08:50 P.M.

Thanks for the comment. I did the shallow depth-of-field on purpose to further abstract the image. As for the clutter, this was the only location where we could work at the time. I want to reshoot this at a future workshop on their white cyc. I also have another 28mm lens which focuses closer which will distort things more.

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