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Photographer's Request for Critique

Too much snow this year! 2.

This's the second image of mine about the wonderful and extraordinary winter of this year: in Pejo (1500 mt.) from novemer it fell abuot six meters and half of snow, over 2500 mt., about fourteen!...Ciaomau!


Huseyin Gurses , February 25, 2009; 07:34 A.M.

Great composition indeed Maurizio! 7/7 an. Take care.

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Ilkka Kallio , February 25, 2009; 09:47 A.M.

Beautiful! Warm regards

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Keith Lancaster , February 25, 2009; 12:52 P.M.

That's some snowfall Maurizio:-)).......Regards

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Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo , February 25, 2009; 01:06 P.M.

My God ... !! We have had 35º/38º every day during January & February in Argentina ... What's going on with our Dear Planet ??. Saluti ...

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Liz Weisiger , February 25, 2009; 06:06 P.M.

Wonderful capture, Maurizio. I like how you composed this image. I would love to have snow, here in the mid Atlantic United States. We just don't get it anymore.

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Juan Carlos Bretschneider , February 25, 2009; 08:01 P.M.

With photographic skills such as yours, ther can never be too much snow. Great work Maurizio!

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Pamela Franklin , February 25, 2009; 09:49 P.M.

Indeed this is alot of snow! Glad I did not have to shovel my way out! Well done....hope you are warm!

Best regards, Pamela

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Marjorie Smith , February 25, 2009; 09:52 P.M.

Maurizio...Tres romantique and quaint...Marjorie

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Anabela Sequeira , February 25, 2009; 10:27 P.M.

Hi Maurizio

It's a beautiful winter's image. Nicely done!

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Mehmet Akin , February 26, 2009; 12:11 A.M.

very beautiful shot...congrats

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Oskar Papierz , February 26, 2009; 08:40 A.M.

Very, very good. WARM REGARDS! :)

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Biliana Rakocevic , February 26, 2009; 11:11 A.M.

Anche in Belgrado ce molto neve/snow caro Mau :))))



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Christine R , February 26, 2009; 12:02 P.M.

Beautiful image, excellent idea and very well executed (7/7 an) Best regards

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Rueda Palomares Agustin , February 26, 2009; 03:52 P.M.

Esta es de sietes amigo. Abrazo.

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Sonali De , February 26, 2009; 11:10 P.M.

My god it looks like you have kept folded white bed sheets on roof tops of play houses. This year we have experienced very little winter here in Kolkata- you might have taken it away. Indeed a nice angle. Regards.

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John Peri , February 27, 2009; 01:04 A.M.

Very nicelty composed Mau, bravo. It's always difficult also to capture such detail in snow ...

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Andrea de Bonis , February 27, 2009; 03:04 A.M.

per quanto come sai non amo molto la neve, devo però riconoscere che la hai resa attraente. e non so come hai fatto, ma ne hai tirato fuori un inaspettato cotè sensuale...

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Rita Chiliberti , February 27, 2009; 06:41 A.M.

Splendida!!! Hai usato un filtro polarizzatore? Baci.

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Ali Rezaeian , February 27, 2009; 09:12 A.M.

Creative composition ^^^ Best regards


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Maria Maria , February 27, 2009; 12:57 P.M.

Excellent! It's like in a fairy-tale. Very beautiful tones

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Marta Eva LLamera , February 27, 2009; 02:25 P.M.

Full of fantasy and charm image. The sun has done a good job with the snow and you've captured it in a brilliant way, my dear. By the way, love your new signature. Oh! thaaanks for being always there... Little Kiss for you!

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Yalcin Adali , February 27, 2009; 04:17 P.M.

Hi Maurizio

An impressive and sweet photo..I like a lot..Very nice scene.Best wishes & greetings..Y/A

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Beata Papierz , March 02, 2009; 03:25 P.M.

Beautiful image..........this colors. I realy miss the winter like this. Regards.

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Jana Vanourkova , March 13, 2009; 02:00 P.M.

very well done !! lovely winter mood, very graphical ! cheers Jana

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Daniel Hristescu , March 14, 2009; 04:25 A.M.

Hello Maurizio

Fantastic moment with colors , shade and snow very spectacular . Dan

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giuseppe guadagno , April 21, 2013; 09:20 A.M.

Bel contrasto, bella composizione, bellissima foto.

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Bela Laszlo Molnar , April 29, 2015; 12:39 P.M.

Very nice, like icing on a cake.

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