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Photographer's Request for Critique

The Haida House

The Haida House complex, located outside the Museum of Anthropolgy, UBC in Vancouver shows what would have been present in a nineteenth century Haida village.


Pnina Evental , April 11, 2009; 03:52 A.M.

Linda, nice post processing, beautiful work of Indians art. I saw some of it , years ago in Canada, and liked it a lot.Great atmospher , touch of colors and feeling of time pass.

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Keith Lancaster , April 11, 2009; 05:01 A.M.

Very nice production from you Linda...very attractive p/p work...Regards

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Drew Murphy , April 11, 2009; 05:55 A.M.

Terrific work, Linda...and great presentation. Nicely done :)

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Terry Gilroy , April 11, 2009; 10:35 A.M.

Very creative and extremely effective, regards

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Michael Murphy , April 12, 2009; 01:07 P.M.


Per usual, this is simply over the top in beauty and creativity, you are a phenomenal artist. BC Art Council or the like ought to commission this photo for one of their mailings, it's that terrific.

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Ali Khataw , April 12, 2009; 11:16 P.M.

Amazing! (7/7)

Linda, amazing and expressive. Great work! Congrats!

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Doug Bays , April 12, 2009; 11:28 P.M.


Beautifully executed work, Linda. Well done.

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Linda Davidson , April 13, 2009; 05:39 P.M.

Pnina, Keith, Drew, Terry, Michael, Ali, Doug,

Pnina, thank you. There are some truely great First Nations Artists here in B.C. The Haida have always produced very beautiful and unique art, they are among my favorite artists. It's good to hear from you.

Keith, good to hear from you. Thank you, glad you like it.

Drew, thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Hi Terry, thank you!

Michael, I appreciate your encouragement. Thank you so much, I am flattered.

Ali, thank you! It is good to hear from you.

Doug, I haven't heard from you for awhile. I was wondering where you were. It is good to hear from you and thank you for your comment.

Happy Spring!

Rashed Abdulla , April 13, 2009; 08:11 P.M.

Good Morning

This is very beautiful an dcreative piece of photography, wishing you all of the best.

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JeffS L , April 13, 2009; 08:38 P.M.

The stuff of myth. I like how the bird appears to be returning to her source.

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Sonia Mason , April 14, 2009; 05:06 P.M.

Beautiful image. Very original work. Fabulous highlights and atmosphere. I simply love the eagle flying into the frame. I only wish the top two characters on the Totem Pole were not loosing their detail. Regardless, very unique and beautiful.

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Fabrizio R. , April 17, 2009; 03:05 A.M.

Original image, very good post Linda, the result is really attractive, well done, ciao Fabrizio

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Andrea Allison , April 17, 2009; 09:48 A.M.

This is just wonderful Linda, Wow!! Creative, artsy, and atmosphere !! I love it.. I also really like your Creative Spring photo in your Bio....

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Yann Roffiaen , April 20, 2009; 08:00 P.M.

Very nice picture indeed, very original too.

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Linda Davidson , April 21, 2009; 12:54 A.M.

Rashed, Jeff, Sonia, Fabrizio, Andrea, Yann,

Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragement. It is very much appreciated. All the best.

Sonali De , April 23, 2009; 12:59 P.M.

What a nice composition Linda. I like your processing and the bird flying towards the minar gives this composition a special impression. Regards.

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Gail Harmer , May 07, 2009; 03:23 A.M.

Fascinating creation Linda....am so enthralled by your artistic abilities...this is so 'dream like'...'spirits all around'....I can almost hear the drums.......congrats.....

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Linda Davidson , May 07, 2009; 04:30 P.M.

Sonali, Gail,

Sonali, thank you so much. I am glad to hear you like it.

Gail, if you happen to be travelling to Vancouver for the Olympics, or for any other reason, you should take in this Museum. It it visually stunning and so inspirational. This is just one small building, part of a larger outdoor display. They have updated it since I visited last year. http://www.moa.ubc.ca/

Best wishes.

Jill Vahlquist , July 01, 2009; 04:12 A.M.

This is a fantastic image.... The idea and the creativity behind this is amazing.... The treatment you have done on this image makes it dreamy but it also gives it that mystical feel and that is perfect for this image... Wonderful color tones and the light is great to... A stunning work on this one....

All my best, Jill

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Cory Sine , January 13, 2012; 12:47 P.M.

Myth Time

Great subject material and presentation.  The "fading out" effect of your shot is reminiscent of Haida Gwaii itself ("The Islnds of Mist") and the Haida's concept of "Myth Time" (similar to Australian Aborigines' concept of "Dream time") as a region of thought and creative expression outside the boundaries and human logic and "historical time".  Your picture suggests the ethereal power of myth.  Well Done; the MOA is always a great source of inspiration.


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