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Photographer's Request for Critique


Very sports girl.


Alex Zvenigorodsky , August 20, 2002; 03:18 A.M.


Prekrasnaya foto. Beautiful texture.

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Christopher Hawkins , August 29, 2002; 08:40 P.M.

What is the intent of the photo? It doesn't draw me in. It is a photo of a muscular woman. OK, now what? The lighting and pose don't strike me as beautiful, bold, unique, shocking, etc. I'm left feeling nothing.

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Paul Norman Dicaire , August 30, 2002; 12:30 A.M.

The veins in her hands are quite a contrast to her abdominal muscles. Was that the intent? The way the light strikes the tendon (?) on her inner left thigh bothers my eye. She has a good physique but IMHO, it is depicted in too masculine a way.

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Igor Amelkovich , August 30, 2002; 05:42 A.M.


All is correct. My intentions are those.

Juliet Ray , August 31, 2002; 01:51 A.M.

Very striking, but not exactly my cup of tea. I prefer a more typically feminine nude, I guess. As the photo was loading on my screen, I was waiting for the penis. But oops, no, it's a woman. And with this little pubic hair, it might as well be a kid. Nothing about this photo is sensual or erotic to me, and why else photograph her nude?

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Thomas T , September 01, 2002; 11:59 A.M.


Seems some of the criticism with your photo revolves on the muscularity of the subject, the athleticism of which I actually appreciate. Some people prefer soft and others hard bodies ... I think it is a wonderfully captivating photo, nice tones and texture. I suspect the ever increasing and positive rise of women's athletics will bring a sea change in classically subjective standards of female beauty. Good work :)

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triblett Lungre-Thurd , September 03, 2002; 05:29 P.M.


now i know i'm just a simple country boy and am not as wordly as some of y'all. so please take that into cornsideration when i ask.

what happened to that poor feller's penis?



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Matthew T. Joyce , September 07, 2002; 03:21 P.M.



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Earnest Wilson , November 14, 2002; 04:13 P.M.


It looks like you took a page from Bitesnich. Pretty good.

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Jim Vanson , November 23, 2002; 10:37 P.M.

7's All Around!

Great, lighting, pose, tones, print...7's all around!

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Keld Nielsen , January 25, 2003; 08:35 A.M.

Excellent shot

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Laura E. Napolitano , May 27, 2003; 10:06 P.M.

These remarks are scaring me. I like it personally. I'm not looking at pubic hair or for a penis or anything, but the tones look GREAT and the clarity is definitely a plus. 6/6

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Olaf Schneider , June 07, 2003; 02:45 P.M.

She is an Olimpic woman!

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Dean Kuga , September 11, 2003; 03:07 A.M.

Awesome photo... I can understand guys being intimidated, but there's only one cure - get off your couches, get into the gym, and get in shape. Besides, she is pumped and ripped in this photo, and contrast adds to that appearance, I am sure she'd look much more feminine in a different lighting and if she skipped pumping iron before the shoot...

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marco prenninger , November 23, 2003; 09:55 A.M.

hey igor, i just saw this, your picture, at an phozo galery in linz austria yesterday...is that possible? hasselblad super circuit??? very beautiful indeed!!!

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Beepy . , March 16, 2004; 01:24 A.M.

I'll use this pic to comment on your work as a whole - very well done. The black and white is rich even on my computer screen. The body of work is solid. Some striking images, unconventional approaches - coupled to the luscious tones. Thanks.

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Jonathan Timar , January 12, 2008; 08:25 P.M.

I don't understand others' criticisms. They seem to stem from the fact that they do not find this overly muscled woman sexually attractive or sensual. I would agree, she is quite unnatractive for a woman. But there's nothing actually wrong with the execution of the photo, it's a competent, if not a standout, shot.

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alok kumar das , July 28, 2008; 06:26 A.M.

Alok Das

This is a very beautiful photograph. The beauty of this photo lies in it's approch. The intent is not to highlight curves which is obvious in female body but a bit different. I think the intention is to show contrast - of subject, form, pose, tonal quality etc. I like it as it is not a traditional"supposed-to-be" female nude photograph. What irritates is the tinge which could have done away with. Good execution...

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F Ph , May 25, 2010; 06:10 P.M.

It amazes me how people can come up with such utter b.s. just in order to have something to say.  How can you not see the beauty of this figure as simply that?  The form is exquisite, the execution of the image far beyond what most are able to pull off.  The work of an artist, as opposed to the results of a technician.

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John Kelly , January 23, 2011; 12:12 P.M.

fwiw I don't think all female nudes need to project "softness" or sexuality.  Sometimes we can admire a photograph for itself, without labeling it or limiting it to our expectations.  In this case, without referring to the subject, it's a beautiful photograph. 

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