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Some girls are even more beautiful backside !


Bob Kurt , September 19, 2009; 06:39 P.M.

Ooolala...very nice.

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Mark Chartrand , September 20, 2009; 12:38 P.M.

Back side cute girl after bath


My first thought is that I am not sure if I really care if there are any technical or compositional problems with this photograph. Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the subject matter! I suppose you want some sort of critique or you wouldn't have posted the shot.

Her skin tone is very good. I would like to have her a little lighter, but that would have created a problem with the highlights that you would have had to address. There is an awful lot of space above her head. I wish she was more in focus.

Shooting a girl from the back caused the same problems as shooting one from the front straight on. It is not a very feminine pose. Showing your subject’s widest areas (shoulder to shoulder or hip to hip) makes those areas appear wide. Your subject will appear thinner, more feminine and more graceful if turned at an angle to the camera. The lines you see from the side have more apparent motion, interest and grace. The waistline will appear thinner if turned to the shadow side of the frame. Notice the bulges that are very apparent above and somewhat below her bikini string. This angle also makes her tushy look a little flat.

As a portrait, I would like to see more of her face (not that she looks bad from this angle). Her bikini seems to be a bit larger than is really necessary, but that is not a photographic problem. It is more a question of aesthetics. I also suppose it might be inappropriate to suggest that you adjust her bikini bottom for her so that it sits more symmetrically balanced between her legs?

Nice shot,


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