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Photographer's Request for Critique

Me parto y me mondo!

Gracias por pasar, espero que os guste. Thanks for rate and coment.


Pierre Dumas , September 23, 2009; 12:22 P.M.

Ha, they are donkeys after all!

Brilliantly captured, bravo!


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Linda Davidson , September 23, 2009; 01:14 P.M.

Laura, great image! I love it.

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Grigoriy A. , September 23, 2009; 04:41 P.M.

Excellent work! 7/7

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Richard Gauthier , September 23, 2009; 05:28 P.M.

Like it

This photo cheered me up

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Vanesa Simmarano , September 23, 2009; 08:30 P.M.

This is great and I am still chuckling! Well done. Best regards! Vanesa

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Armando Jorge , September 24, 2009; 05:57 A.M.

Magnifica composicion con un encuadre, colores y detalles estupendos.Perfecta apresentacion. Cordial saludos

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Jean-Marc Raveau , September 24, 2009; 09:55 A.M.

Beautiful composition. Very nice. Regards. Jean-Marc

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Javier Soto , September 28, 2009; 10:36 A.M.

Magnifica y simpatca captura tecnicamente perfecta. Feliicdades

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Christine R , October 27, 2009; 05:20 P.M.


Beautiful composition, excellent timing. Best regards Christine

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Kamal Zharif Kamaludin , December 03, 2009; 06:45 P.M.


the background is very cleaned and very well matched to the zebra..


the zebra gives the power of expression!!

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Geert Orye , March 22, 2010; 05:28 P.M.

This is so cool! Really an excellent shot.

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