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Gary Durington

Some of these are new ideas worked up from your suggestions. Thanks a lot for your time and help. Please take a look at these and let me know what you think of the new ones.------------------------------I'm working on this series, sort of as a joke that has got out of hand. It may become a calendar or wall print series. I would really like to hear what you think about it, good or bad. Is it weird, perverted, inspired, or what?

Erotic Hardware

Missionary -I'm working on this series, sort of as a joke that has got out of hand. It may become a...
New Polygamy - Here is a sharper picture and properly submissive females.
Menage a Trois
---------------------- This is new.
Gangbang or Train
-------------- This is new. Its playing off one of the suggestions that I got.
------------- The rest of these are new.
The race is on to see who can be the first to correctly id the famous couple represented here
Bondage__ Erotic Hardware folder - http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=242549
This is the best I could come up with for this. Just wait till you see what I have in mind for the...
SafeSex poster #1 __ Erotic Hardware folder - http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=242549
-----------These last three are poster ideas. Can anyone help me market them?
SafeSex Poster #2
SafeSex Poster #3

Jud Dagnall , December 09, 2002; 07:04 P.M.

Really funny!

I like these. Very clever and well executed. Excellent lighting, too. Keep it up. I think the calendar would be a hit.

Seven Stuartson , December 18, 2002; 05:37 P.M.

It's a fun series and also a very clever metaphor; certainly the concept is inspired - thereafter the technician kicks in of necessity. And now the marketing man! The idea of a calendar is a good one : shouldn't be too difficult - check your local Yellow Pages or equivalent (Google maybe) for calendar <b> publishers/ printers. </b> <p> There are so many mundane products available, a lot of which are of extremely poor quality (and lacking in originality,) that I feel your idea will be embraced with much enthusiasm. Regards.

Simone Maria Navarra , December 27, 2002; 09:03 A.M.

I find the whole series great. I don't like much the posters, because there's too much writings. Maybe the first one of the 3 would be better with no writing at all and then a small condom logo at the bottom corner, of course used for advertising. The honey moon one is great, and the whole calendar idea is very interesting.

wanda wirtzfeld , December 30, 2002; 08:28 P.M.

Your folder is wonderful! I love the whole concept...also Sorry I missed the one resizing of "Said the Spider", it is resized now...Thank you for your comments...will be looking for more of your work.

Evgeni Rozenshtein , January 15, 2003; 10:33 A.M.

Original idea and lovely implementation! Love it!

Leon Jedrzejewski , January 26, 2003; 08:38 P.M.

Very Very Clever

Brilliant idea & funny ; )

don casto , February 02, 2003; 11:22 P.M.

E Hdwr

Great immagination, I like it! Put me on the calendar list, Thanks

Gary C , February 10, 2003; 01:19 P.M.

Commercial value.

Amusing and brilliant at the same time! I'm sure you can do something commercially with this. Good luck.

MaryBall Pierson , February 24, 2003; 03:33 P.M.

Great stuff and wonderfully entertaining. Good photography too! Thanks for the laughs. Very imaginative. oh - and nutty~ pardon the pun.

Andrea Mina , June 16, 2003; 08:19 A.M.


It's funny, thank you for the comment on my saettone.

joao carvalho , November 28, 2003; 04:18 P.M.


Nice Photos

Paul Ledger , December 17, 2003; 08:45 P.M.

Excellent! If you do a calendar and don't mind sending one to Australia, then put me down for one!

mondiani . , March 28, 2005; 07:57 A.M.

This is the funniest presentation on photo.net ;)

Susi Knipser , February 28, 2006; 08:14 P.M.

Why abstain?

Nice pics man! Funny is just this "if you can't abstain..." - that's so American! I mean, why not "When you have fun..." :-) Common!

;-) Mike

Peter Buehner , March 16, 2006; 09:37 A.M.

I love this series. I feel like the writing is too much though. Maybe a title for the series, then the photos without text? Either way, great stuff.

allan jempson , August 03, 2006; 12:47 P.M.


Nice you had me fooled very funny set of pics it,s a shame you can,t give a score on this i would give you 10/10 well done thanks for the laugh....allan

Zoya Mihunova-Anderson , October 30, 2009; 08:28 P.M.

hmm ))

it is good .

Raymond Elstad , December 28, 2009; 03:15 P.M.

Yes Indeedy... a FUN series...

shlomo hanegbi , August 14, 2013; 02:47 A.M.


well Gary you should perhaps consult Mr Freud
beside this good technical presentation

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