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Ray Fraser: Photographer at photo.net Last fall (2004) while searching for a digital camera to take pictures of migrating monarch butterflies, I came across the original blue Dakota hack. Having been a programmer for over 30 years I found the substantial ongoing efforts on a new LCD version very interesting. My first posts here were close-ups taken with an original blue Dakota disposable digital camera. After moderating the camerahacking forum for over a year, I downleveled myself and took on a new task of moderating Philip Greenspun's Blog.

I have been married since 1971 to my lovely wife Valerie and have one Son. My first disdain for authority came in 7th grade when a math teacher offered extra credit for finding the next perfect number after 6, before class ended I gave her 28, went home continued searching and in my sleep identified a pattern. The next day when I presented next 2 numbers to my teacher and asked for additional credit; she wanted to know what book I used to get the answers and refused to give me any additional credit (I always received As in math and did not need extra credit but was offended, my BA is in Mathematics). Perfect Number History. From a binary perspective assertion number 4 by Nicomachus translates to K ones followed by K-1 zeros.

In fall of 1989, I was pictured with my Son in Windsurf magazine (a slide taken by Valerie) holding my homemade stitchless sail (world's first). My next big project after that was an egg shaped geodesic dome to cover a backyard pond using mathcad software to compute strut sizes.

I drove down an old dirt road, past some no trespassing signs to take above photo of Balnagown Castle, the address in my Great, Great Grandfathers Bible. I was visiting Scotland with my wife in 1980 during Mount St. Helens eruption. I believe he may have just been a gardener but really have no clue. With my previously mentioned disdain, it probably is no wonder that I believe there was conspiracy involving Dodi Fayed's death with Princess Diana (Al Fayed, Dodi's father now owns Balnagown Castle).

If I were younger and well funded, I would be pursuing my childhood flying dreams -- "All you need is faith and trust... and a little bit of pixie dust!" (Peter Pan). But instead of pixie dust, I would start my attempts inside a large geodesic pressure dome as a battened wingsuit flyer.

One of my previous success stories:
Bayer Begone

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