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A member of the photo.net community since January 13, 1998. (Give this person a gift subscription)

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Bob Atkins: Photographer at photo.net

Bob Atkins - you can follow me and my website (BobAtkins.com) via:

I'm the Technical Editor for photo.net. In the past I've written dozens of articles and product reviews which are burried somewhere in the static content section of this site

I first joined photo.net in 1998 when I was invited by Philip Greenspun (Photo.net's founder) to start the Nature Photography forum here and add some nature photography articles to the site. Prior to that I'd been running both my own small site and I had been active in developing and expanding the USENET rec.photography newsgroups.

I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry hidden in a box somewhere and in former lives I was involved in academic and industrial research (Yale and AT&T/Lucent/Bell Labs) in the areas of high temperature chemistry, optical spectroscopy, lasers, optical measurements and optical fiber research. I have around 20 US patents and I've published about 100 peer review talks and articles, all of which are pretty dull and boring and pretty much totally unrelated to photography. I left Bell Labs around 2002 to "pursue other interests".

I've been a technical and "popular science" writer since the last ice age, including a 10 year stint as a monthly columnist on microwave technology for QST magazine, as well as contributing articles to Communications Quarterly, Ham Radio, Nature Photographer and George Lepp's "Natural Image" newsletter.

In addition to being involved with Photo.net and writing occasional articles for other websites I also run my own website with the amazingly un-innovative and eponymous title "BobAtkins.com", which focuses on the Canon EOS system and Digital Photography as well as publishing technical articles on Photographic Optics written for the non-technical reader. It's been around since before the year 2000 now in one form or another, so the early articles were actually chiseled on stone tablets. I also have a few other websites which I use for testing out ideas, playing with database backed pages etc., but I don't inflict them on the public much.

Photographically speaking I've been shooting with Canon EOS gear since around 1990, with lenses from 8mm to 600mm. I also use various other cameras from 35mm P&S and rangefinders to medium format folders and TLRs. Currently most of my work is digital, but I still occasionally shoot and home develop B&W film (though less and less often as time goes by). In the past I've also shot with Pentax, Yashica-Contax, Nikon and Konica SLR systems as well as pinhole and panoramic cameras and I've even dabbled with 4x5 large format (though that didn't last long...). In the world of Digital P&S I've used (and still own) various Nikon, Casio, Olympus, HP and Canon digicams as well as a mirrorless Olympus Pen four-thirds system.

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