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Born in Shelbyville, IN, 1961. Grew up in Lexington, NC. Now living in Winston-Salem, NC, with wife, artist, Amy Funderburk. My passions include travel, movies, music, ethnic foods and, of course, photography. For the past five years I have been actively producing a body of work based on infrared black and white photography, using Kodak HIE-135 Film, and am also working in digital. My subject matter has been primarily landscape, with an affinity to cemeteries and statuary. Photography influences are Hugh Milsom, Simon Marsden and, of course, Amy Funderburk (see above). I also admire and aspire to the greatness of Ansel Adams, who was not only a phenomenal photographer, but a wonderful author. Cameras: I currently use a trio of 35mm workhorses -- Pentax KX (a variety of Pentax lenses and a Sigma 35-70); Ricoh KR Super-II; and Nikon N8008s (Sigma 35-135). Older manual cameras work best with IR film. For digital color, I am using a Nikon Coolpix L12 until upgrading to a DSLR. Film: I have been shooting Kodak HIE-135, but it was discontinued in December, 2008. I am now trying other IR films. I also am very happy with Kodak's new formulation for TMY-400 black and white T-MAX film. Try this film and support film manufacturers by purchasing and using film before it vanishes from the planet. I develop in D-76, then scan the negatives to retouch and print digitally. We have a darkroom and occasionally I use it when inspired. Recent Exhibitions include "Infrared Photography: James C. Williams", solo exhibition, Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce, Winston-Salem, NC; "Myth and Reality", Davidson County Community College, Lexington, NC; "Photographers: A Group Show", Flanders Gallery, Raleigh, NC; "Periphery", Winston-Salem Arts Council, Winston-Salem, NC; and ongoing representation at Timothy Nichols Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC. LINKS: Amy Funderburk, Artist www.amyfunderburkartist.com Timothy Nichols Gallery http://www.timothynichols.net/ The League of Creative Infrared Photographers http://www.irleague.com/ Simon Marsden, Photographer http://www.simonmarsden.co.uk/intro.htm Hugh Milsom, Photographer http://hughmilsom.co.uk/ James C. Williams's Flikr Page http://www.flickr.com/photos/nighthawkjw/sets/ US Photography Rights: http://www.photosecrets.com/law.html UK Phogotraphy Rights: http://www.sirimo.co.uk/ukpr.php/2004/11/19/uk_photographers_rights_guide#comments

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James C. Williams, ?2006 - All Rights Reserved

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