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A member of the photo.net community since June 27, 2000. (Give this person a gift subscription)

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Wilson Tsoi: Photographer at photo.net Based in Seattle area, travel and sports are some of his most favorites. Few notable images are "Whose Eye Is It?" Pop Photo 3/2009, "Newport Aquarium" Pop Photo 11/2008, "The Twilight Zone" Pop Photo 8/2008, "Night Move" PN P.o.W. 5/2008, "Cobblestones of San Juan" PN P.o.W., GP Islands 2007, Pop Photo 6/2007, "Catch Me if You Can" Pop Photo 9/2007, "Alone at the Fall" featured in MSNBC Travel, GP & cover Hawaii Magazine 2006, "Snorklers' Delight" Islands 2006 Kauai winner, "Solitary under a Tree" Islands 2005 Kauai winner, "Camouflaged" 2nd place Islands 2005, "Ile de la Cite" HM Islands 2004, images here published in "Paris, C'est la vie", architectural images here in Digital Photographer 2006, and images here in AVA's "Extreme Lighting," "Composition," "Colours," & other books. Several here featured as 14-page article in Digital Photo 6/2008 (Russia) and in Digital Photographer (Ukraine) 6/2008. Wilson uses whatever equipment necessary to get the job done including Nikon D70 (tripod-mounted & hand-held,) Canon A80 (tripod-mounted & hand-held,) Canon A620, Canon G3, Nikon D2X, etc. If you like to travel, you'll enjoy a photo-log of the Netherlands. If you enjoy photo essays, you'd want to view, "Just Another Brick in the Wall," and, "Reflection." Feel free to leave feedback on his photos or e-mail wilsontsoiphotos@yahoo.com

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