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Linda Davidson: Photographer at photo.net I have met some wonderful people here on Photo.net. It is very interesting getting to know people through their art first, often not knowing what they look like, their age or where they live. People reveal themselves in their photographs, their sense of aesthetics, style and subject matter. When I was a very young child in the fifties my dad developed and printed pictures in our basement. I remember looking at prints hanging on a clothes line to dry. This was my first exposure to photography. In Art College I took a few courses in photography. I learned how to develop film and print photographs. I found the whole process fascinating, and continued taking pictures as a hobby. In the early nineties I went back to school to study Digital Art and Design. This was when I was first introduced to the early version of Photoshop. I learned how to scan and manipulate images I took with my old Pentax. At that time I began to develop an interest in digital photography. After I graduated I worked as a Graphic Artist and Web Designer. I later went into Web Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with my son. I was working in partnership with him when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A year of very aggressive treatment left me with some disabilities that have prevented me from working. Now I have the time to indulge my artistic interests. I have become absorbed in Digital Photography and Photoshop. The digital camera and Photoshop are the best creative artist tools ever invented. There is no end to what is possible artistically and creatively in the digital world. I find it very exciting.

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