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Teresa Au Yeung: Photographer at photo.net Just last week, I went on a trip with a friend to Jiuzhaigou and Huanglung in China, a recently opened main tourist attraction. Jiuzhaigou ("Valley of Nine Villages"), deep in one of the mountains of the Tibetan Himalayan Plateau, in Szechuan Province of China, can only be described as heavenly - waters are crystal clear, with different shades of blue and green. Lakes are like mirrors reflecting the scenaries above them. Walking through the path with such serene beauty around you was like being in a fairy tale. From Jiuzhaigou to Huanglung we needed to went pass a range of mountains (highest 5000m), and we were lucky to come upon a snow storm - it felt like being a sea of snow at times. All the trees stood tall and straight on the mountains and completely covered with snow - it was both amazing and thriling. Coming to Huanglung's famous Five Color Lake was like coming face to face with the rumoured "Lost Horizon" I read before - ageless and haunting. I felt like I could stay in Jiuzhaigou for years, just taking photos, and walking around the lakes and forests. As to photography, my NikonD300 could not do justice to the amazing scenaries there - how I wish I had the full frame D700 with me, and a better quality wide angle instead of my 12-24 DX version. Still - I guess I'm happy enough with the close-ups. Again, thanks for visiting, and hope you will come again soon! Best regards, Teresa Nov 13, 2011

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