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I like to photograph people and their stories. I would love to talk in depth about my photos, your photos, and those of others. I also enjoy discussing photography and art in general. I try to stay tuned to the "casual conversations" and "philosophy of photography" forums as well as scouting this site for photographers I admire. I'm interested in discussing emotional and expressive aspects of photography. I appreciate hearing how one of my photos "hits" someone and I love being moved by the photos of others. Technical matters are important to me as they enhance or hinder the "plot" or expressiveness of a photo. I have much more to learn about handling the camera as well as pursuing my visions. I'm glad you stopped by for a look and am grateful for and will try to respond to all comments and critiques.

I use a Canon 30D (with EF 24-105mm and EF 50 mm lenses). My files are processed with Photoshop CS.

Just got a Canon 5D Mark II. New photos will most likely be taken with that.

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