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Paige Thompson: Photographer at photo.net Hello! My name is Paige Thompson, a freshman in college, and I've been accepted into the Communication Design program this year. Throughout the number of art courses I must take, one of them is, obviously, photography. These past few years I've had a growing passion for taking pictures of things that interest me and using my photoshopping skills to enhance (some of) them. I want to be warmed up for when I have to take a photography class in Com Design, therefore some helpful critics on my work would be appreciated so that I may get better and hopefully do very well in the course. :) Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot, 7.2 mega pixels (I hope to get one with more mega pixels one day!) Hobbies: drawing, video games, rock collecting, photography, being with my three most important friends Likes: the color green, Italian and Japanese food, anime, puppies and kangaroos Dislikes: mushrooms, ignorance, parents who don't know how to take care of their children (goes along with ignorance I guess), rap music Special skills: perfect pitch (goes along with singing), drawing, organizing, flash animating Favorite music genre: jpop, pop, rock, electronica/techno, alternative, indie rock Favorite move genre: romance/comedy, mystery, adventure Favorite book genre: mystery/suspense, comedy, fantasy (when I was little) Favorite games systems: PS2, N64, DS, Wii Operating system: MacBook Pro Quote: If you think someone different from you is weird, then aren't we all? - Paige Thompson (me)

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