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A member of the photo.net community since February 12, 2002. (Give this person a gift subscription)

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Bill Boyd: Photographer at photo.net I took a B&W photography class in 1974, when I was twelve. Within a year of taking the class, I had bought a 35 mm camera and had set up a darkroom. I accumulated cameras and negatives into my twenties but I still printed like a twelve year old, so I took a master printing class. I don't produce a lot of fine prints per year but the average quality of my "everyday" prints has improved dramatically in an old-school, Ansel Adams kind of way. Most of my photography is reactive, i.e. I try to capture something that I see or experience in life, but of late I have also been experimenting with setting up a photograph--to some extent--to illustrate or convey a feeling or mood. I love to log into photo.net and see all the different ways of seeing.

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