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Tibor Jäger: Photographer at photo.net I was born in Satu Mare (Romania) in 1957 and began to photograph while being still in high school. After a few years break, in which I earned a Software Engineer diploma and got married, beginning with my wife's pregnancy, I came back to photography and got even more inspired by our newborn daughter Andrea Hanna.
Since December 1987 I have lived, with my family, in Israel. From the early 90's I have started reading and learning photography and little by little living it. Processing my b/w films and printing photographs from them, in my home lab, gave me great satisfaction and useful skills.
From 2002 I have started using a fully digital workflow, which gives a better control over the whole process, increased quality of the photographs and less negative impact on the environment.
Although in the beginning I was attracted to portraiture, motion and the beauty of the woman's body, in the last years I have developed a very strong bond with the animal world, enjoying not only the picture taking, but being part of it, too (if not even more!).
In my photographs, I try to capture unique moments that reveal the soul of the subject, wishing to convey to the viewer the love, respect, and responsibility for the surrounding environment, hoping that this will contribute to a better world.
None of my photographic activities would have been possible without the unconditional support and great help of my wife Eva, to whom I wish to express, in this way too, my deepest gratitude.

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