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Alexander O: Photographer at photo.net I picked up my first camera at the age of 6 when a friend of the family allowed me to take a picture of my mother with his Kiev camera. There was something magical about it to me. The way it felt and looking through the viewfinder and creating an image. My parents gave me a Zenit E camera for my 11th birthday and I've been photographing for the last 25 years. My photographic journey has taken me from snapshots to candids, to sports to portraiture, professional photography to fine art and abstracts. This is what I'm currently interested in. I use macro photography to shoot my abstracts. I find the same magic in macro that I felt the first time I picked up a camera. There is so much potential that I hope some day to fully realize. In the mean time, I'm enjoying the journey. Thank you for looking at my work and I hope it speaks to you and that it touches you. Alexander

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