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John Peri: Photographer at photo.net THE BOOKSTORE where you can find my books for sale: http://www.blurb.com/user/store/johnperi ................ ------ Photography is a way of personalizing the world in which we live and of giving it a perspective with which we can identify. The same is true of the people that we photograph. My favourite subject is "the girl next door". A large number of these I have asked to pose for me after a brief encounter in a café or elsewhere, other times after meeting more formally through friends. I have also photographed some models starting out in their career, helping them to build up their book, and have met with more established professionals, however these remain a small percentage of my models. In all these cases, I strive to record something personal and revealing of their character and I follow them around with my camera for that purpose. ................................. EQUIPMENT: I have a couple of digital NIKONs with zoom lens and a flash attached. I do not use other equipment. ........... N.B. In no circumstance will I ever post a photo of an underaged subject (definiton under 18) in unsuitable state of dress. Messages posted and sent to me privately in this respect are a waste of everyone's time, in particular mine. Please cease to fantasize in this respect. Furthermore, models deplore some people having the bad manners to talk about their weight which has nothing to do with the quality of a photograph. LASTLY: Some people like to reflect on the attention given to nude photos of beautiful women on Photo Net. I made an interesting discovery recently. If one looks under portfolios at the ALL TIME .. MOST VIEWED FOLDERS .. my most viewed folder by a large margin is the one on PORTRAITS. Hmm, now how will they answer that ..... : -). People sometimes write and ask me who I am and what I do. I was a post-doctoral research fellow and lecturer in the cardiovascular field for several years before I moved to Industry - quantum mechanics and photography are my hobbies.

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