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Bela Laszlo Molnar: Photographer at photo.net I was born in a big city, Budapest, the capital of Hungary. My parents, trying to find refuge during the 2nd world war fled to the countryside. This was my home until my teenage years when we moved back to the city of Budapest. In the countryside, wheat fields, corn fields and the forest was my playground. I had a lot of exercise walking to the nearest creek to play in the water, which was about 4-5 km away from our home. I enjoyed very much climbing trees in the forest and lying in the grass in the plains, watching nature. The countryside was a good teacher to me and I thank God for teaching me to appreciate nature through this. Art was one of my biggest interests at a very early age, which later broadened to other subjects, such as ancient history, geography, archeology, philosophy, astronomy and sciences. I tried to get into the art college, but eventually I ended up in an apprentice school. My parents lost everything in the war, therefore we were very poor. After finishing the apprentice college, in my free time I started high school, and later university. But art remained to me the most desired thing to do. I studied art extensively by attending evening art classes. Although I ended up making a living as an electrical engineer, I always tried to return to my “first love” in my spare time. Within my art practices I was involved in graphic, charcoal and oil painting. As a result of this I even managed to get some exhibitions in Toronto. I left Hungary and "emigrated" (illegally leaving the country) to Austria. After Austria my journey took me to Sweden and later to South Africa and finally to Canada, where I settled down. In the last twenty years, I started to get more and more involved in photography, which I practiced from my younger age, however not very seriously. For me art is an escape from the everyday life, from a slave mentality, from the brutality, and from the struggle to survive in a more and more materialistic, insane and brain washed society. Art is a motivating force, to get out from the city to the nature. "Back to the nature" we all one day, are going to go. Nature is beautiful, being that the prairie or the mountains, a bird, a creek, a lonely tree, and etc., etc. Nature is always honest, beautiful, let that be a volcano or an ocean wave that is washing away the shore lines. However, people are not as simple as nature. They have many-many shades, from the darkest black to the beautiful blue or red. Going back to my biography, photography is my main hobby and a way of passing time lately. I don't take photography as a documentary subject. Photography for me is another art form, in which I express myself, any way I like it. I believe, photography has no rules once you learned art and art as photography. PN is a good place to learn, and see beautiful art works, after filtering out all those not so good images, or beginner’s poor attempts to get a good shot (where we have to help as much as we can as delicately as possible) or sometime, even garbage. But garbage always existed with humanity, however never within the natural world. And for those that are sending me flowers, I am a man (Bela), not a women (Bella). Thank you for the flowers anyway. Ha-ha-ha.

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