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JOHN CROSLEY, PHOTOGRAPHER You may judge me by the photos I take and the 16,000 (now18,000) plus comments under my photos. There are back stories under many of them.

e-mail: jcrosley (insert @ sign) photo.net

Among the many if you look carefully, are some of historical interest.

Look, and you will see President Richard Nixon, arms outstretched, reaching around me, Pat, his wife, gloved hands touchingly holding her husband's waist in a crowd in San Francisco, all surrounded by a throng and ever present Secret Service.

See a soldier with gas mask and fixed bayonet stare menacingly at University of California Berkeley students assembled peacefully, some with balloons on strings, most seated, none appearing to harbor any threat. You can see the peaceful demonstrators even through the soldier's eyepiece.

Photos here were taken from the late '60s to just the other day, literally, and there are over 2,000 of them.

Photos are not curated more in this club because some photos that seem not so important or attractive to me seem to be attractive to others for various reasons..

I shoot in many genres.

'Street' is my first love.

Tens of millions of eyeballs and clicks and 18,000+ comments (many from me in reply or explanation and with back stories and street shooting instruction) attest to the popularity of this portfolio..



john (Crosley)



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