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New York Institute of Photography

eric deagle , Nov 17, 2006; 11:52 a.m.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with The New York Institute of Photography. I have considered taking a course from them, but I just was not sure if it was a rip off or is it actually useful. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. I am considering this because no schools in my area have good photography programs. My local Community college has a photography course, but it is strictly film and the majority of it's classes involve learning to process film.(not that this is a bad thing, but I only shoot digital. They do not teach photo-shop or any thing pretaining to digital photography. I asked if I could just audit the classes that focus on composition and lighting, but they would not allow that.


Michael Axel , Nov 17, 2006; 11:56 a.m.

Can't speak to quality, but they've been around FOREVER. That usually means something. I remember them advertising in photo magazines when I was a kid (1970's).

Richard Vandenberg , Nov 17, 2006; 12:01 p.m.

My dad took their course in 1959. I still have the books. Excellent, at least in 1959.

Shun Cheung , Nov 17, 2006; 12:08 p.m.

There is a new Education Forum here in photo.net: http://www.photo.net/bboard/forum?topic_id=1981

I'll try to have this thread moved over to that forum.

David Stanton , Nov 20, 2006; 12:55 a.m.

I graduated from the NYIP Professional Course in 2003, from its Advanced Nature and Scenery Course in 2004, and am working my way through its Digital Course primarily for its Photoshop training. At first I thought the Digital was too dated to be of value. It is, as far as the camera information is concerned. It bases the Photoshop on version 6 or 7, and as you know, Photoshop is up to CS2, which is sort of version 8.5 or so. I was very skeptical and thought about demanding a refund. However, as I continued to work my way through the course, I found I was learning a lot. I will keep going as I find it quite valuable even though I used Photoshop on a self trained basis for some years.

I am an amateur, with no possibility of becoming a professional. Obviously I think the courses are worthwhile, at least for someone like me, a retired attorney. There is no question about the improvement in my photography. On the other hand, here, Bakersfield, CA, there is no comparable course in a local school.

Bill Tate , Nov 23, 2006; 10:11 p.m.

I seem to be the current record holder for NYIP. While stationed in Europe as a young Air Force troop I enrolled in early 1950, or possibly late 1949. I've never regreted it. Never made my living with photography, but have brought in a few bucks now and then, and have had a lifetime of enjoyment. Good luck to you.

Julie Birdsong , Dec 17, 2006; 11:18 a.m.

I am currently enrolled in NYI. I have no regrets about it at all. The books seemed dated to me at first, but as soon as I started reading them and listening to the tapes, I realized that they still pertain to photography today. I have completed my first unit (out of 6). I nearly cried with excitement when I finally learned (and understood) about aperatures, f-stop and how to use them.... they don't just skim over topics, they actually dive into them and give photo references to help you to understand. The course is normally $997 (which still isn't bad at all) we only paid $640 because we paid up front (after we sold our house). I love it!

Marsha Ellison , Dec 26, 2007; 03:28 p.m.

I am currently enrolled in NYIP. I was SO excited about the course. I have found that they have competely crushed my spirit. I have totally completed Units one and two. They have not given me any positive feed backs at all. The best I get from them is 'Stay with it'.

My first red flag was when I called to see how I was to proceed on to unit 2. I was referred to about 3 people before anyone would help me. I got the impression that I was interrupting their busy work schedule.

It seems to take them FOREVER to send the next unit and the tape with your review on it.

I put a sticky note on my test for unit 3 asking why it took so long for them to review my picutes and send the tape. I got a very nasty and curt letter from Jerry Rice. He is such a rude person.

I am at the point where I really do not care if I finish the class or not. Since it is costing me $1000.00 I guess I will send in the test. I do not plan to send anymore pictures for them to review. They continue to tell me to 'Stay with it'.

A lot of their material refers to FILM. I do digital. That was one of my questions before signing up. I was told that this class did not deal with FILM a lot - that is another lie!

Anyway - if you can stand the slowness and the rudeness - take the class.

Arnold Beamish , Aug 25, 2009; 12:03 p.m.

I am enrolled in NYIP and have completed unit 1. They told me that my unit 2 course would be shipped a week ago and I still haven't received it. So I called the school today and asked them if it had been shipped, they said maybe by the end of this week.
If they are this slow on the shipping I may have to drop out and try another school.

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