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Playboy golden lighting perfect skin

Louis-Olivier Roy , Sep 07, 2004; 11:07 p.m.

I shoot with a Canon 10D and a 70-200 Canon L series. I have a few Opus studio flash and there is no way i can get the skin look we see in Playboy. First i thought it was a make up, but the whole body is golden. I tryed a few photoshop filters and it's impossible to get the golden look. Does anybody know how to do it?

Attachment: test-2.jpg


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Gary Woodard , Sep 07, 2004; 11:12 p.m.

photoshop, gold reflector/gold softbox, blond.

Scott Eaton , Sep 07, 2004; 11:19 p.m.

Lots of time laying in a tanning bed or on a beach if you ask me.

Give your models a bottle of self tanning lotion (I'm not being sarcastic either). Works for David Hasselhoff.

Roy S, , Sep 07, 2004; 11:51 p.m.

Louis, just wondering if you want to post a shot that you wanted to photoshop into looking like that, i can give it a try. though i agree it's probably a lot of tanning and lighting that achieves this look in the first place

Peter Witkop , Sep 08, 2004; 01:27 a.m.

Basically that look is very good makeup (there's makeup on more than just the face), with a model that has a nice tan, and some very good re-touching. Maybe a slight warming filter, but that's not a big factor. The lighting here isn't too complicated, rim lighting on each side (can be challanging to setup until you're used to it), and the key light looks like a ring flash.


Stephen Martin , Sep 08, 2004; 01:40 a.m.

thier is a diferance in makeup. one for studio and the other is for theater. I cant tell you the brands but I just now thiers a deferance. when doing these kind of photo you can get a Makeup Artist (MAU) to do time for prints (TFP) to work with you.

Mike Dixon , Sep 08, 2004; 02:22 a.m.

Probably makeup done by a good MUA. You can get body makeup to provide just about any darkness and color tone you want depending on how it's applied.

Igor D. , Sep 08, 2004; 10:49 a.m.

They use gels as written in American Photo (the guy says that uses 30 lamps...). You can use gold amber gel made by Lee. Here you have an example of strong filtration but lot of shades are available (but I am not sure if it is perfect gold for you...)


Igor D. , Sep 08, 2004; 10:53 a.m.

The weaker colour gel is bastard amber which I like as well. If I find the photo I will upload it for you.

Stephen Martin , Sep 08, 2004; 12:55 p.m.

sorry I was concentraiting on the sole use of a MAU. a straw filter over your light is designed to give that late evening sun set look. but this will effect all colors in the scene. for more control use a MAU. you can pickup the BOGEN brands from B&H. the straw filter comes with other filters in a package for about $20.

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