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Speedotron d1204 3 light kit value?

paulie smith , Apr 24, 2012; 04:29 p.m.

Have someone trying to convince me I need a Speedotron D1204 3 light kit. Has the stands and all in a case.
Have been looking and this seems to work OK but I can't find much on it in searching. I know the pack is still sold even though this is an older product.
Anyone know real world value of this stuff used these days? I tried looking on KEH but they aren't handling this and my search for ads did not turn up anything current.


Frank Skomial , Apr 24, 2012; 06:33 p.m.

If someone convinces you that you need something ... most likely you do not need that at all.
Think how do they know what you need? They just want to sell something not needed anymore.
Now is your turn to convince that person to sell it inexepensive.
Prices of new products are very high, so start convincing to sell at about 10% of the original price, and I would not pay much more for old used flashes. There are so many options and price ranges, that you will find them and select, at the time you decide you need them.

John A , Apr 24, 2012; 07:34 p.m.

I saw a lot of speedo gear on ebay and the prices are pretty ridiculously low, IMO. Go look and I think you will get some idea of what people are willing to take for various items. I have some of these lights, they aren't my favorite for general use--I prefer monoblocs--but these prices are very good.

Brooks Short - Tampa, Florida , Apr 24, 2012; 10:07 p.m.

The D1204 is a discontinued Brown line power pack that sold for $600 when new. It,s probably worth about $100 in good condition. Brown line Speed equipment is for light duty. They can overheat and need extra time after the recycle ready light to be back at 100% power. If you don't wait those extra seconds between firing, your exposures will be in inconsistent.

The value of the heads depends on whether they are full 1200ws heads or the smaller ones.

paulie smith , Apr 25, 2012; 08:10 p.m.

Thanks guys, I am pretty familiar with strobe gear, just not the Speedotron stuff. I don't use it much and told him value is way low - matching the RB Pro-S system I am going to sell for a friend. I get the feeling he is trying to find the value himself. He knows what it cost and doesn't want to face the reality is is nearly worthless for resale these days.
A pity in many ways that good gear is more valuable as paperweight curios than working camera equipment.

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